AMA Announcement: UNIFARM | OpenDeFi X Centaur X Matic

Be there to learn all things Unifarm!

In order to enhance the reach of the first cohort of UNIFARM to the community, be more transparent and communicate with our users across the globe,

We are having our first joint AMA with Matic and Centaur team, where we will discuss how UNIFARM works and how they can get the best returns on their holdings.

UNIFARM will bring more projects in upcoming cohorts so users get even more on their assets by staking long-term.


Arun Philips, Marketing Lead, Matic Network


James Hong, Co-Founder, Centaur

Mohit Madan, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenDeFi

Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder and COO, OpenDeFi

Projects taking part in UNIFARM Cohort 1 are:


Date: February 02, 2021

Time: 03:00 PM IST | 09:30 AM GMT





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