AMA Recap with Mandysicoresearch

We were delighted to have an amazing Ask me Anything (AMA) session with the exciting Mandysicoresearch Group community over telegram ( From the OpenDeFi team, Tarusha Mittal had joined the session and loved to answer the exciting questions related to OpenDeFi.

Rising price causes community grow and falling causes throwing NEGATIVITY. How does ORO handle the issue of negativity when the price falls? What are your plans to grow and strengthen a product-oriented, not price-oriented community?

The vision is to create a breathable economy where there are multiple asset classes and financial services. It is a financial ecosystem, the price does not bother us because the market will discover and correct it, if necessary but it is about long term value creation in terms of building an inclusive financial ecosystem.

What tools does OROPOCKET offer for Opendefi?

  • Flash Loans
  • Buying and selling without any price slippage
  • Staking and Rewards
  • Asset-backed MasterCard for high liquidity on the investments.

Why is OROPOCKET launching a gold token on TEZOS?

We support cross chain value creation – basically enabling free flow of assets to and fro multiple chains.

OpenDeFi is assessed as a potential name for Coinbase listing. So what are the advantages that help OpenDeFi be evaluated like that?

We are a project, which already has a pilot ready, a working product and users – we aim to build a financial ecosystem. These reasons and the fact that we are solving a real issue, in terms of giving financial services to the people who are currently excluded from the monetary system should be good enough reasons for us to assessed and come out props.

Opendefi’s biggest competitor is Synthetix, so what specific strategies do you have to beat them?

Synthetix pegs the price of the assets, under OpenDefi the assets are fungible in nature and there is no price slippage.

What’s the main work of Blockchain technology in Financial services provided by Opendefi? What role Blockchain plays in Opendefi services??

All the assets being offered on OpenDefi are tokenised on blockchain.

What role do ORO tokens play in the project ecosystem? it is used to do? What benefits does it benefit investors?

$ORO is a governance token and users will earn these tokens when they are staking their assets.

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