An Update About $ORO Tokens

OpenDeFi is founded on the idea of financial freedom for EVERYONE, and one of our core principles is absolute transparency about how we are moving towards that goal.

In that spirit, we have an update about tokens that we wanted to share with our community before we make the necessary movements.

We released $ORO with a tiny initial market cap, with the intention of allowing the open market to discover pricing on its own. With the support of our community, we had $15.4 Million in volume in the first 24 hours of token listing!

We are now going to be moving these tokens to separate wallets to fulfill specific, set functions. The breakdown will be so:

Foundational Reserves

Foundational Reserves will be used for company expenses and operations. These will be locked for 9 months.

Wallet: 0xE49efb75ff9513e3b27f896B77A87BEe1ECe39fD

Token Supply: 10,000,000 ORO

Liquidity for Exchange Listings

This is going to be foundational liquidity for exchange listings.

Wallet: 0x8405D712C3507431C5517912DAc953647C18acF3

Token Supply: 2,417,500 ORO

Investors Locked Tokens

Locked tokens of seed and private rounds of investment.

Wallet: 0xDBaC2a4A3e73F3e7B054cDaC3692f35bcDf29126

Token Supply: 13,372,000 ORO

Team Reserves

Team reserves remain locked for 2 years and then linear distribution from the 25th to 48th months.

Wallet: 0x17C4cff8131fd04242aA89CF8cFF45386CFB777B

Token Supply: 10,000,000 ORO

Building Asset Reserves

These tokens will be used for providing liquidity to new assets being added on OpenDeFi.

Wallet: 0x857F021ce9BE0D0760a42A750391e19Bc2d7951A

Token Supply: 20,000,000 ORO


Tokens kept in reserve for future strategic partnerships

Wallet: 0xb6cbaFe860D6207bb6AC5e6B0BfC4188a8615C80

Token Supply: 10,000,000 ORO


Tokens kept in reserve for marketing outreach

Wallet: 0xfF7Fd33a0803CF974Bdb58cfA6BCBd07c8F2c2Ee

Token Supply: 5,000,000 ORO


For strategic advisors

Wallet: 0x94dFC178B4C3d5fB7577D7d0B0354D08FEde204F

Token Supply: 5,000,000 ORO

Staking/Farming Rewards

These will unlock as per the yield farming index:

Wallet: 0xDC89251f8232F6a20F499fAC13B49c6E8Bc02d05

Token Supply: 20,000,000 ORO