After announcing that $ORO is coming to Binance Smart Chain, we are proud to announce that $ORO has been added to PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized finance application that works on Binance Smart Chain offering quicker and cheaper transactions for users.

Throughout the journey, our users have shared their concerns on high gas fees for their transactions. Indeed, high gas fees hurts everyone, and we have been working continuously to resolve this issue for our beloved audience.

Now, with $ORO getting listed on PancakeSwap and Liquidity being added, the issue has been resolved. And, we feel proud to inform you that the gas fee is not going to hurt our users anymore.

Staying true to the our vision of decentralization, we are making efforts to make staking even better and convenient for our users.

With this announcement, you not only can swap your $ORO tokens to BSC but also buy $ORO tokens within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem via PancakeSwap.

There’s no minimum or maximum purchase required to buy $ORO. Just make sure that you have enough balance in your wallet to cover the transaction fee.

Official contract address for $ORO on BSC: 0x9f998d62b81af019e3346af141f90cccd679825e

Lots of excitement is to be expected around the token launch on PancakeSwap.

UniFarm Cohort 5 is going to be entirely on Binance Smart Chain.

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