Announcing OpenDeFi token listing ($ORO) on Uniswap!

Our uniswap listing is finally here!

UPDATE: As you probably already know, the Ethereum network has had a major outage today in what might possibly be a hard fork. The story is still developing, but meanwhile we have postponed our token listing.

We have huge news!

After going live with our ambassador program recently among a slew of news, here’s our biggest announcement yet.

Having successfully raised $1 million USD from marquee funds and investors including TRG Capital, MoonRock Capital, Alphabit, Lotus Capital, AU21, and more, we are now ready to go public!

$ORO’s Uniswap listing is scheduled for 11th November, 2020!

This is the first time $ORO will be made publicly available, and the listing will be on Uniswap. Staying true to the vision of decentralization, we have decided to first list the token on Uniswap. Post this, we’re speaking with several large Tier 1 exchanges for listing as well.

OpenDeFi are being very deliberate in keeping a small market cap (<250k) at the time of IDO, so that we can ensure token pricing discovery happens on its own.

We will share the token addresss at 8:30 AM UTC on Nov 11, 2020.

The initial listing pair for $ORO on the DEX will be ORO/ETH.

The base pair for pools will be ORO/ETH. KYC is not required to purchase ORO from decentralized exchanges, nor is there a minimum or maximum purchase requirement. Just be sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

The tokenomics for ORO can be found here.

Lots of excitement and emotion is to be expected around the token launch, so let us make Oropocket’s distribution plans explicitly clear:

  • There will be no lockup period for ORO purchased during the Public Sale.
  • Tokens sold during the Seed Round will have the following unlocking schedule: 10% unlock on TGE, and 22.5% unlock quarterly.
  • Tokens sold during the Private Round will have the following unlocking schedule: 20% TGE, and 20% quarterly.
  • Tokens allocated to advisors have a one year cliff after TGE, then linear unlocking from months 13 to 24.
  • Tokens allocated to the team will have a two-year cliff then linear unlocking from months 25 to 48.

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