Announcing the OpenDeFi Ambassador Program!

After major partnership announcements and the close of our funding rounds, we are excited to take the OpenDeFi community to the next level. Welcome to the OpenDefi Ambassador Program!

Are you a content creator that will mesmerise the masses? A developer-wizard who can do magic with code? A super-connector with ties in the crypto community that others envy?

We want to invite you to come build the future of DeFi with us.

What’s in it for you?

  • Beta access
    • Until now Oropocket has only been live with a private test group of very select users
    • All the buzz we have had so far has been from the value these users have found, and we take their feedback VERY seriously
    • The next phase of users will also be a very limited beta group. As an ambassador, you will be made a part of this select cohort of superusers
    • Which means you will get to:
      • Use oropocket before everyone else
      • Impact the direction of our product roadmap
      • Get every new feature first AND suggest new features you want
      • Be part of the oropocket community from Day 1
  • Direct interaction with OpenDeFi team
    • We are always on the lookout for good talent, both on the development and marketing ends
    • This program can absolutely be a stepping stone for entry into the team
    • You will have direct access to internal team members, specially from marketing
    • Networking possibilities like this in the blockchain space can have highly asymmetric benefits of their own
  • Master class with Blockchain stalwarts
    • We believe knowledge transfer is one of the key factors in the development of the blockchain ecosystem, and we want to help you grow
    • Our investors, advisers and early adopters include some of the biggest names in blockchain today
    • When the time’s right, we will arrange a master class with one or more of them, discussing how the future is being built with and on the blockchain (details upon announcement, of course!)
    • This will be exclusively for our ambassadors ONLY

Apart from all this, OpenDeFi Ambassadors will also be getting:

  • Performance Based Compensation
    • There will be clear objectives handed to you in terms of OKRs, and the best performers will be rewarded in USDT
    • To make sure performance is mapped objectively and everyone knows where they stand, we will be developing a leaderboard
    • The top 5 performers every month will be granted monetary benefits in USDT 💸
  • Awesome merchandise!
    • We have a swag box coming your way with some really cool stuff!😎

What we are looking for:

Ambassadors who Create

  • Blogs, articles or newsletters on sites like Medium, substack etc
  • Graphics such as infographics, memes, GIFs etc
  • Video content whether that’s vlogs, short-form video or other content
  • Podcasts targeting crypto or finance in general
  • Basically if you’re out here making interesting crypto content, we want to hear from you! 

Ambassadors who Lead

  • Seed and manage an OpenDeFi community in your mother tongue
  • Hold virtual and offline events for the local DeFi community
  • Help spread the OpenDeFi message further by translating content, releasing how-tos in your local language etc
  • Host AMAs etc for your community

Ambassadors who Engage

  • Take part in OpenDeFi AMAs, livestreams, webinars etc and engage on social media channels
  • Keep the conversation going on group chats on Telegram, Reddit etc
  • Like, share and comment on OpenDefi posts and help spread the word

Ambassadors who Connect

  • Help expand our network of influencers, thought leaders and media channels
  • Refer users who could find value in Oropocket and bring them onboard
  • Increase our social media presence as much as possible

If you’ve read this far and this sounds like you, fill this quick form!

After filling the form, the team will be in touch with you soon. Till then you can learn more about OpenDeFi by Oropocket here.