Announcing The Successful Buyback of $ORO and $UFARM Tokens

After our earlier announcement, we are pleased to inform that the Buyback of $ORO and $UFARM tokens has been completed successfully.

50% of UniFarm revenue from the first quarter of 2021 has been utilized to buyback $ORO and $UFARM tokens.

Please Note: Every quarter, we will utilize 50% of UniFarm’s revenue to buyback $ORO and $UFARM tokens and lock them for a year. This quarterly exercise will be repeated again in September 2021.

As promised, here are the transaction details of the Buyback that happened today.

$ORO Buyback Transactions

Total $ORO Bought: 69,383.98141 ORO

$UFARM Buyback Transactions

Total $UFARM Bought: 157,634.25822 UFARM

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.