Ask me anything (AMA): Oropocket Open Finance (OpFi) protocol

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Hello everyone I hope all are doing well. Last week we had shared the news with our community that Oropocket is working on Open Finance protocol which is also known as OpFi with Matic network. Some of you had also checked OpFi white paper but you are also more curious about the OpFi offering in detail.

We are pleased to announce that OroPocket co-founders Tarusha Mittal and Mohit Madan will lead the AMA session with the Matic community to answer all questions related to Open Finance (OpFi) protocol, DeFi synthetic assets on Matic chain. 

The AMA will take place on the Matic telegram channel on Wednesday, September 09, 2020, at 08:00 PM IST.

You can also ask your questions related to Oropocket Open Finance in the comments section as well.

You can also get a chance to win $10 worth of Matic tokens giveaway. Check out the details for more information.

Looking forward to see you there with your questions.

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