We have a LOT brewing!

After announcing our partnership with the amazing Elrond team, we at OpenDeFi have one more piece of news today!

Our OpenDeFi testnet launch is coming soon!

As we get closer to testnet, we are assembling a band of experts to help refine our product.

Testnet is a very important milestone for any project, and we are looking for an exclusive testers group of experts to help not only find bugs and make OroPocket better but also to be part of the OpenDeFi movement for the long run.

Our ORO Pioneers will:

  • Be carefully chosen
  • Be the first to access new features
  • Rewarded with perks and benefits

If you are a tech person interested in joining a project building in DeFi for the long run, ORO Pioneers is for you!

To apply, fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch!

Please note that testnet is approaching soon, and we need testers ASAP!