Chainswap Hack: Swap Your Old Tokens

While Oropocket and UniFarm were the least-affected projects in the recent hack suffered by Chainswap, we have taken a series of preventive steps to keep the users’ trustworthiness intact. The investors can now exchange their old $ORO and $UFARM tokens with the new ones that have been published to avoid fraudulence. 

For the unversed, here is a step-wise guide to exchange your tokens with the new ones: 

Step 1: Log on to the official Unifarm website –

Step 2: At the top right corner, click on Switch Network and choose Binance (BSC). 

Step 3: Connect your wallet by clicking on the option at the top right corner. 

Step 4: Tap on the Flip option available next to Connect Wallet tab. 

Step 5: Select the UFarm/Oro tokens you want to exchange, then approve to approve.

Step 6: You will get Metamask notification, kindly approve the same

Step 7: Once your interaction is approved with a new contract, you can now swap your old UFarm or ORO tokens with new tokens. 

Step 8: It will take a couple of seconds to swap your old tokens with new ones and also confirm the Metamask notification prompted alongside.

Step 9: Once it is approved you will receive a notification that you had successfully replaced your “X” number of tokens. 

Step 10: After exchanging your Old tokens with new tokens. A few more steps are required to see your new tokens in your wallet.

  • Go to your Metamask wallet.
  • Add token
  • For UFarm, enter token address: UFARM (0x0A356f512f6fCE740111ee04Ab1699017a908680)
  • For Oro, enter token address: ORO(0x3fF2348e44d09f07017BCDaaCc4be575c0Ec467f)
  • Tap on Next
  • Now you can see your exchanged UFARM or ORO tokens respectively. 

Also, the investors should know that liquidity has been added for both $ORO and $UFARM on Pancakeswap.



New contract address for UFARM on BSC: 0x0A356f512f6fCE740111ee04Ab1699017a908680



New contract address for ORO on BSC: 0x3fF2348e44d09f07017BCDaaCc4be575c0Ec467f

What Else Are We Doing?

  • We have burnt the compromised $ORO tokens in the hackers’ wallet. Here is the link to the transaction hash: 
  • Moreover, the $UFARM tokens on the Ethereum chain were also locked so that they could not sell. Here is the link to the transaction hash: 
  • To set the seal on trustworthiness, we will be redeploying the contract under a more structured process with a turnaround time of 48 hours.  
  • To enhance the safety of crypto-assets and tokens, we have been working on our assets bridge to swap tokens between Ethereum and BSC, which will be extensively tested and audited to ensure a hassle-free experience. Once the bridge is launched, we will not be dependent on Chainswap for token swapping. 
  • Also, we would be reaching out to the worst-hit projects like Umbrella, Razor, Dafi, Nord, Black and Acer to know their damage-control measures and brainstorm the future course of action.