Empowering Veer Nari This Independence Day

India boasts one of the world’s biggest armies and paramilitary CAPF forces, as well as one of the world’s largest populations of martyr widows, which is sadly increasing by the day. The nation honors the Martyrs, but the Veer Naris are often overlooked. We have respect-paying ceremonies for our Martyrs, there are news flashes pouring in to offer condolences, a ceremony on the arrival of the Martyr’s tri-color wrapped coffin, and even a gun salute. But have we ever considered paying homage to the woman to whom this veer belonged? Have we ever thought to ask whether she has anybody to support her after the person who cared the most for her chose martyrdom in order to protect us? Have we ever taken the time to give our support just so she knows she is not alone at the most difficult period of her life? We glorify the valor of our Martyred Soldiers while ignoring the deep sorrow of the Martyr widows. These courageous women are proud of their husbands’ efforts, but they are also reeling from a massive loss and have little chance of surviving in the current system. This Independence Day we wish to change this. We wish to create an impact. Read on to find out how you can help us with this initiative.

Who is a Veer Nari?

Veer Nari is a Martyr widow of a Soldier who has accepted Martyrdom and laid down his life for the nation, whether in battle, at the border, or during operations. The term Veer Nari translates to “a courageous lady”.

A courageous lady might be a very small description of such women because they have the courage to send their loved one to fight for the country, courage to live with their head held high even if their veer does not return to them, courage to accept responsibility for the family their veer leaves behind him, courage to never give up on life and to live up to their veer’s expectations, even when he is no longer there.

How Are We Helping?

We have decided to lend a helping hand to our courageous Veer Nari in a hope that our small step would lead to bigger changes.

OroPocket has launched the initiative “Salaam Veer Nari” in partnership with VeerNari Shakti Resettlement Foundation and The Better India.

VeerNari Shakti Resettlement Foundation is a government-recognized charitable organization that accepts contributions exclusively from Indian and Nepalese citizens, giving them an income tax exemption certificate for the amount given to them (under Sec. 80G) to assist Martyr Families and injured Soldiers.

They support war widows and martyr widows, as well as their dependents, via talent mapping, entrepreneurship coaching, and linking them with suitable livelihood possibilities. The charity also helps them care for elderly dependents and differently-abled youngsters (physical or intellectual).

VeerNari Shakti Resettlement Foundation provides multi-level assistance to special parents of differently-abled dependents and also works with disabled troops. This is where they assist soldiers who may need medical assistance, such as prosthetics or medical equipment. In addition, if necessary, deal with psychological counseling and provide scholarships for dependents of such troops.

They also offer need-based professional support of Legal Counseling, Pension Issues, Customized Investment Advisory, and other services to the Veer Naris and their families.

The Better India is helping us in amplifying the need to empower the Veer Naris of our country to provide them with better opportunities and a better livelihood.

How are we doing this? This Independence Day, OroPocket wishes to provide a helping hand in the road to financial independence for all the Veer Nari who have the fortitude to send a loved one to fight for the country, and the courage to continue living their lives with their heads held high even if their Veer does not return. We will contribute 1 mg of gold to the Salaam Veer Nari Corpus for every user who registers on the OroPocket app.

Your Intent = Our gold

We wish to raise 10 gms of Gold by the end of this campaign and wish to donate this to the VeerNari Shakti Resettlement Foundation to help Veer Naris.

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How Can You Contribute?

Step 1: Download the OroPocket App
To contribute to the Salaam Veer Nari initiative by OroPocket, you need to download the OroPocket app available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Step 2: Register on OroPocket App
Following the download, to register yourself on the OroPocket App, you will need to complete KYC by doing the phone, email, identity, and address verification.

Step 3: We will donate 1 mg of Gold
Once your KYC is completed, OroPocket will donate 1 gm of Gold on your behalf to the Salaam Veer Nari corpus. To support us in this cause you can refer to your friends and family.

Note: There is no referral limit. You can refer as many people as possible to do your part in making an impact.

Also, you can visit to know more.

OroPocket salutes Veer Nari, who has always known that there is no greater love than to love one’s nation.