Master AMA Announcement for UniFarm Cohort 2

After the grand success of UniFarm, we are glad to announce that UniFarm Cohort 2 launches on Feb 13 at 7 PM IST | 1.30 PM GMT.

This time, Six massive projects have joined UniFarm, and we are bringing a member from each of them in the same AMA!

The 6 massive projects taking part in UniFarm Cohort 2 include –

  1. Matic Network
  2. Nord Finance
  3. Terra Virtua
  4. Router
  5. Zeroswap
  6. OpenDeFi

OroPocket co-founders, Tarusha Mittal and Mohit Madan will be leading this AMA Session with representation from all the 6 projects mentioned above to answer questions related to UniFarm Cohort 2.

“We are so thrilled to share the UniFarm Cohort 2 project with the community and would love to answer your amazing questions.”

OpenDeFi Co-founder, Tarusha Mittal


  • Mohit Madan, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenDeFi
  • Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder and COO, OpenDeFi
  • Arjun Kalsy, VP – Growth, Matic Network
  • Amarnath Reddy, CEO and Co-Founder, Nord Finance
  • Jawad Ashraf, CTO and Co-Founder, Terra Virtua
  • Ramani Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder, Router Protocol
  • Aayushi Jain, COO and Co-Founder, Zeroswap

Save The Date

Date: – February 11, 2021

Time: – 9 PM IST

Venue: –







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