OpenDeFi and Project Hydro Join Hands To Protect Users from Security Threats

After empowering dApp creation by partnering with Metis, OpenDeFi is glad to announce a new partnership with Project Hydro, a decentralized ecosystem that secures user accounts and transactions using state of the art cryptography.

Hydro is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to create standardized smart contracts, dApps, and APIs to be used by billions of customers within the financial industry. With their cutting-edge technology and unique approach within the financial industry, they have been safeguarding user accounts and transactions from security threats.

OpenDeFi and Project Hydro are proud to announce this long-term strategic partnership to add an additional layer of security within the OroPocket ecosystem, as well as expand the reach and usage of our tokenised real world assets.

What Will We Do Together?

OpenDeFi and Project Hydro share a vision about providing users with the safest environment possible. This partnership brings together Hydro’s top security protocols with OpenDeFi’s real-world tokenized assets, which are 100% insured and stored in military-grade vaults.

Through this partnership, OpenDeFi’s tokenized GOLD and SILVER assets will be made available on Hydro’s remittance app, providing Hydro users with an option of utilizing OpenDeFi assets as a mode of payment. This increases the usage of our tokenized Gold and Silver through easy accessibility as a mode of payment.

We will also explore possible integrations of Project Hydro’s multi-chain security solutions within the OroPocket ecosystem.

“We are delighted to join hands with OpenDeFi as one of our strategic partners. I love how the team is working towards tokenizing real-world assets. We’re very excited to work with such a great team.” — Saurav Kumar, President at Project Hydro.

On the other hand, the security protocols offered by Project Hydro will be helpful in reducing the chances of phishing attacks and other security threats on OpenDeFi. 

“Project Hydro is a very ambitious initiative, and some of the biggest projects in the DeFi space are using it. Providing a secure environment to our users has always been the aim for OpenDeFi by OroPocket, and we’re very excited to accomplish this by forging a partnership with Project Hydro.” — Mohit Madan, Co-Founder at OpenDeFi.

Project Hydro

Project Hydro is an open-source project that enables new and existing private systems to seamlessly integrate and leverage a public blockchain’s immutable & transparent dynamics. Hydro enhances application and document security while providing easy and flexible identity management and comprehensive transaction functionality.


OpenDeFi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.

P.S: You can buy $ORO tokens directly from the OpenDeFi website.