OpenDeFi Partners with Metis

While we’re just one day ahead of the Buyback of $ORO & $UFARM tokens, OpenDeFi takes one more step towards building the New Free Market:

We are pleased to announce a partnership between OpenDeFi and Metis for adding OpenDeFi real world assets to their L2 dApp solution.

Metis is an infrastructure for distributed collaborators that helps individuals create their own decentralized businesses on the Ethereum blockchain. With its Layer2 dApp solution, the platform has made this process faster, cheaper and more scalable.

OpenDeFi tokenizes real-world assets and builds decentralized financial services around those assets. Through this partnership, we will be utilizing MetisDAO’s oracles to get a wide range of pricing data for GOLD & SILVER and many other real-world assets that we’ll be adding soon.

How Will This Partnership Work?

OpenDeFi assets will become available to developers on Metis so they can build dApps with low code or no code tools, empowering a new generation of dApp development. This vision of empowering the entire ecosystem is the common pint where Metis and OpenDeFi meet.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with Metis, and believe that ease of use for developers is one of the main factors that will bring success to the ecosystem. Happy and proud to extend OpenDeFi asset availability to the next generation of builders across the globe,” said Mohit MadanCEO of OpenDeFi.

Through this partnership, both OpenDeFi and Metis will be working together to offer developers anywhere to create dApps with low code, or no code tools, and OpenDeFi assets being added to this brings a whole host of asset classes and financial instruments to the possibilities that developers can explore.

”OpenDeFi is building for the long term with their focus on bringing institutional investors to DeFi, and we at MetisDAO are excited to build this future alongside them. Empowering the economy of the future is the common aim”, said Elena Sinelnikova, Co-Founder, Metis

About Metis

Based on the spirit of Optimistic Rollup, Metis is building an easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost, and fully functional Layer 2 framework (Metis Rollup) to fully support the application and business migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Its scalable protocol supports a wide range of use cases, including yield farming, DEX trading, and powering the gig economy via dApps that offer cheap and fast micropayments.

About OpenDeFi

OpenDeFi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.