After launching on BitMax last week, we are back with some awesome news!

OpenDeFi is proud to announce a long term strategic partnership with one of India’s top exchanges, Bitbns.

In totality, there are four elements to this alliance:

  • $ORO will be listed on Bitbns in an INR/ORO pair for the first time!
  • As a part of the strategic agreement, our real world asset tokens for Gold and Silver (which are tokenised on Tezos) will also be listed on it in time.
  • Bitbns has a SIP product known as Bitdroplet, which works via a subscription model giving access to 25k+ users that invest regularly. OpenDeFi tokens will also become part of this SIP program:
    • For OpenDeFi this allows us market access to long term investors
    • For Bitbns, it brings their users the option to invest in real world asset backed tokens for the first time.

Now that the long term outlook is clear, here’s for the immediate, awesome news!

To kick off this partnership, we are doing a sale of $ORO Tokens on Bitbns’s Ascent Platform on December 12, 2020. Timing: 12 pm to 8 pm IST.

The per user cap is 20,000 ORO. These will be offered at the market rate that day, but will also have a locked airdrop built in, which effectively means this is a chance to get a discount!

The entire sale process will be entirely transparent as everything happens on-chain. Ascent is a revolutionary way of investing in DeFi, and we are proud to be associated with this product brought to us by India’s premier exchange Bitbns.

Find more details here.