After bolstering $ORO holders by announcing a $UFARM Airdrop, we have more news!

OpenDeFi and Paralink Network today announced a strategic partnership to offer a variety of DeFi solutions to the audience across the world. With this new partnership between the two, we demonstrate a shared commitment to unlock the full potential of Decentralized Finance by integrating Paralink’s multi-chain oracles under the OpenDeFi consortium.

This initiative is part of the OpenDeFi’s outreach program, which focuses on reaching the billions people across the world whose primary opportunity is to build a strong investment portfolio in the DeFi space.

“OpenDeFi is constantly working to remove barriers to financial growth, and for most people around the world right now, the security and liquidity seem to be the biggest hurdles,” says Tarusha Mittal, OpenDeFi co-founder. “We applaud Paralink for joining us to develop a massive DeFi Market opportunity.”

This partnership supports Paralink’s commitment to bring more value to the DeFi space by providing highest degree of security running on Polkadot Substrate.

Paralink offers a multi-chain oracles platform for DeFi and many blockchain applications that require the highest degree of security, which has been made possible via Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to have partnered with Paralink. OpenDeFi by OroPocket has pioneered the asset-backed banking system by removing the time-consuming tedium that comes with the traditional banking system,” says Mohit Madan, OpenDeFi co-founder. “With this collaboration, OpenDeFi will utilize Paralink’s multi-chain oracles and acquire reliable data feeds and pricing for the members and apps on the network.

About Paralink

Paralink Network offers a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications. Applications that require the highest degree of security can use Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate. Paralink’s flexible node design allows developers to query for real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers, and more. Developers can create custom queries using Paralink Query Language and connect smart contracts with traditional APIs within minutes.

About OpenDeFi

OpenDefi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.







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