OpenDefi Chat Ninja Event

Chat with us and get FREE $ORO Tokens – it’s that easy.

OpenDefi has been steadily progressing towards bridging the gap between physical assets and DeFi. We’ve always taken the necessary measures to bring the community along with us by offering a variety of staking choices and incentives. As another step toward bettering our community, we’ve created a new lucrative opportunity that needs just ONE SIMPLE task – Chat with Us.

And we’ve named it OpenDefi Chat Ninja.

The $ORO Chat Ninja campaign will commence on October 18 at 6:30 p.m. UTC.

How Will This Work?

This will be a ONE-WEEK activity for everyone in our Telegram Community. Every day, one topic will be shared by our moderators in our Telegram Community. All you have to do is have a conversation about it.

10 messages equal to 1 $ORO tokens. (For additional information, check out the rules below.)

The entire prize pool for the OpenDefi Chat Ninja campaign is $2,345 $ORO tokens, which will be divided among our top ten winners.

Chat Mining Rules

#Rule 1: The daily topic will be shared with the community, and the leaderboard will be chosen based on the conversation.

#Rule 2: If the topic is not discussed on any given day, it is assumed that the previous day’s topic will be continued on that day.

#Rule 3: Messages that flood the group will result in disqualification.

#Rule 4: Messages such as “Hello,” “Hello,” “Likes,” “Thank You,” “Formal Talks,” and so on will not be included.

#Rule 5: Don’t forget to bring a sipper with you, as you are going to indulge in a lucrative conversation (that might become a long one!).

#Rule 6: Nothing else! We’ll have a good time together.

Note: The rewards will be awarded within 7 days after the activity’s conclusion i.e. October 24, 2021. OpenDefi reserves the right to modify the activity.

If you are already not a member of our Telegram community, here is where you can join us.