Adding to the snowballing list of partnership related news, OroPocket will now join the elite TDeFi accelerator by TradeDog. TDeFi is the world’s first virtual accelerator specifically investing in moonshot ideas in the DeFi space.

To quote from their site, the program only onboards projects who want to disrupt the status quo and not just survive but thrive for years to come and truly be “game-changers” in their respective fields. To be part of this elite group is a strong signal that OpenDeFi is being seen as a stable project for the future.

This endorsement comes at the heels of incredible investor and community support, and we are extremely happy to be part of TDeFi for the long run. OpenDeFi has been strategic in garnering only long-term partnerships, and with TDeFi the same continues.

TDeFi will help OpenDeFi by providing access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity and growth hacking partnerships.

Here’s to building DeFi together!

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