After announcing a long-term partnership with Project Hydro, OpenDeFi takes one more step towards ensuring that our assets meet the highest standards.

We are pleased to announce yet another partnership between OpenDeFi and Berry Data for utilizing their data oracles.

Berry Data is an oracle system where parties can request the value of an off-chain data point, and miners compete to add this value to an on-chain data bank that is accessible by all dApps on Binance Smart Chain. A network of staked miners secures the inputs to this data bank.

OpenDeFi relies on the ability to tokenize real-world assets and then build decentralized financial services around those assets. Through this partnership, we will be utilizing Berry Data’s oracles to get a wide range of pricing data for GOLD & SILVER and many other real-world assets and synthetics that we’ll be adding soon.

Not only this, we will be working together to plan and execute cross-community activities, such as AMA Sessions, Social Media Announcements, etc., talking about each project’s product line, plans, and usability within the ecosystem.

How Will This Partnership Work?

OpenDeFi is looking to launch and support projects across the DeFi ecosystem with a vision to empower DeFi markets across a wide range of digital asset classes. To this end, the partnership with Berry Data will help us drive towards our goal of supporting a more comprehensive suite of digital asset classes.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with Berry Data and believe that their diverse selection of secure and scalable data oracles will help us extend our suite of solutions for the ecosystem,” said Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder at OpenDeFi.

This partnership gives Berry Data a unique advantage to provide their data oracle services at a lower cost, with a broader data set and a much larger scale.

“We are delighted to collaborate with OpenDeFi, who are at the forefront of building an ecosystem for DeFi Projects. We believe in OpenDeFi’s mission and hope to support them fully with our data oracles,” said Sam Jia, Founder at Berry Data.

Through this partnership, both OpenDeFi and Berry Data will be working collaboratively to spread the word about each other’s latest product updates and add more users, which will also pave the way to explore more potential collaborations between our projects in future.

About Berry Data

Berry Data is a transparent community-verified price oracle on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Berry Data provides a trustless and decentralized alternative for off-chain data. Also, it provides the infrastructure for decentralized applications to query off-chain data by properly incentivizing miners to provide data.

About OpenDeFi

OpenDeFi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.

P.S: You can buy $ORO tokens directly from the OpenDeFi website.