OpenDeFi Partners with Centaur to Bridge Traditional Finance and DeFi Together!

The mission at OpenDeFi by OroPocket has always been to build a bridge between traditional finance and DeFi. We believe that innovation is not about blatant disruption as much as it is about true improvement—that is, evolution. As we evolve on this journey, we have found a partner that has a mission very similar to ours.

We’re proud to announce that we’ll now be working along with Centaur to bring this vision to fruition.

Centaur is a DeFi solutions provider working to find the perfect balance between the trust less and free nature of Decentralisation and the investor safety that comes with regulatory control.

OpenDeFi has focused on bringing similar stability to DeFi in a very different way—by making sure that the assets we bring to our investors are backed in the Real World, 100% insured and held in custodianship.

Via this partnership, an expansion of horizons for users of both OroPocket and Centaur comes into play:

  • OroPocket users will be able to add their tokenised real world assets to the Centaur liquidity pool
  • This will let them stake and earn $CNTR Tokens, so they can earn even more
  • Apart from trading on the OroPocket platform, they will now be able to trade with ANY assets in the Centaur Liquidity Pool
  • Centaur claims up to 72% APY, and access to this Pool means OroPocket users can earn even more, making holding their assets an even smarter choice than before
  • On Centaur’s end, OpenDeFi’s Real World, 100% insured Asset Classes now become part of their liquidity pool, meaning their users get access to these as well
  • This strengthens the variability of asset classes available in their pool, and makes it a comprehensive platform for investing

Cross-chain interoperability, a focus on investor security, and prioritising inclusivity are some of the other elements where the values of both OpenDeFi and Centaur align.

Sean Kor, Co-Founder of Centaur shared his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We’re really looking forward to this collaboration with OpenDeFi and the boundless opportunities presented by integrating their real-world assets into our upcoming liquidity pools.”

OpenDeFi COO Tarusha Mittal pressed on the need for DeFi projects to work together along similar values: “Both Centaur and OpenDeFi share a similar long term vision. This sort of natural synergy between projects is a very good sign for the future of DeFi as a whole, and we cannot wait to explore these possibilities together.”

Exciting things are on the horizon for both projects, but what we are most proud of is that we have come together with yet another DeFi project to enhance and enlarge the ecosystem together.