Fresh off our first CEX listing with BitMax today, we have more great news!

We are proud and happy to announce a strategic partnership between OpenDeFi and leading blockchain querying service Covalent.

This partnership is seamless and entirely natural as what we do with assets, Covalent does with Blockchain data. OpenDeFi is pioneering cross-chain flow of value via real world assets, and a partner like Covalent allows us to get data about these highly complex movements and operations in a collated manner.

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. Their rich indexing and query technology supports diverse use-cases, and melds with our work at OpenDeFi seamlessly, since we believe that users should have complete sovereignty over their assets.

Through this partnership, OpenDeFi aims to provide users with even better data analytics and transparency. OpenDeFi COO Tarusha Mittal elaborated: “We are partnering with Covalent to bring in their stellar data indexing APIs for fetching, keeping historical data and ensuring that OpenDeFi is an enabler for cross chain value creation.”

Covalent CEO Ganesh Swami spoke enthusisatically: “This is an excellent partnership. Covalent and OpenDeFi share the same mission in removing obstacles that prevent the mainstream adoption of Blockchain and DeFi. With OpenDeFi now capable of providing granular historical transaction data, this is a step toward our common goal.”

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. Covalent’s proprietary technology enables a “no-code” solution that solves a vast array of use-cases for wallets, exchanges, custodians and taxation amongst others. The API allows easy access to data that is normalized, unified and granular.

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