$ORO BitMax Listing Bounty Event with Locked Airdrop!

To continue our celebrations for $ORO Listing on BitMax, we’re holding a Bounty Event with Locked Airdrop!

The event begins December 4 at 10 am EST.

To unlock the airdrop, follow the steps below:

  • Learn about OpenDefi and Complete this online test – <<quiz link>>
  • Comment on and Retweet the listing event post:
  • Join the official telegram channels of OpenDeFi and BitMax
  • You must have a minimum net deposit of 80 $ORO
  • You must complete at least 3 tasks from the above to be eligible for a prize draw.

For those who complete 3 tasks: 

👉1000 lucky contenders will receive $5 locked ORO

For those who complete 4 tasks:

👉5 lucky contenders will receive $100 ORO

👉10 lucky contenders will receive $50 ORO

👉150 lucky contenders will receive $10 ORO

To unlock the airdrop reward, users must purchase double the token quantity. 

After the reward distribution, airdrop tokens will be released within 1 hour for users whose total $ORO purchase from the market is at least twice the airdrop in the last three days.

The event closes on December 11, 10 am EST.

Please note:

  • Each user account is eligible for the reward only once.
  • Rewards will be calculated on the basis of the tasks completed
  • All users must complete KYC verification in order to win.