OroPocket Feature Update May 2020

Over the past, we are working on bringing the more exclusive features update to our users. The goal to develop a new feature is to bring exclusive user experience while investing in precious metals over Oropocket.

We will explore OroPocket feature updates one by one.

Nominee Feature Update

The most painful part of any investment the platform is nominee or beneficiary.

To resolve this issue we have added a new feature in which you can add nominee for your assets which you had accumulated over Oropocket.

Because we do believe If investments are inaccessible to loved ones when it matters the most, then the purpose of wealth creation itself is lost.

In case of any miss- happening !! which we don’t want to our users, what happens to their assets or holdings which they had accumulated on our platform.

We are now offering nominee feature to our users, in which they can provide the nominee for their assets or holdings which they have in Oropocket.

Right now this feature is live over OroPocket web-app. And over the coming days, it will be available over mobile apps as well.

Security Feature Update

We at OroPocket had introduced a two new feature by which you can secure your OroPocket account with ease.

The first feature is authorizing New Device.

By enabling this you will be prompt by a password whenever you sign up over a new device. You would have to verify your phone via SMS OTP on each login.

The second feature is 2FA, It is Google authenticator based two-factor authorization. By enabling this, you would have to verify your phone via the 6 digits numeric code provided by Google Authenticator on each login.

By enabling these two features makes your account safe and secure, even if your password is stolen or misplaced.

Mobile Apps

Oropocket is now available for android and iOS users. The mobile interface is quite simple and easy to use.

We at Oropocket offers flexibility and mobility while investing in digital assets. We are continuously evolving to meet the needs and demands of our growing customer base, according to their preferred platforms.

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