While we’re planning to celebrate HOLI with the colour of gold with our audience, we got a really good news for our audience.

We’re proud to share that OroPocket Smart Contract has been recently audited by none other than Halborn.

“Asset backed banking is a necessary step as CeFi and DeFi converge.  We’re excited to work with the The Tezos Foundation and OroPocket on auditing this impressive project,” Rob Behnke, CEO Halborn.

Halborn is an elite cybersecurity firm renowned in the space for being the most secure place to get the code audited. They bring award-winning blockchain specialists and ethical hackers into your company to protect the applications and services from cyber attacks.

We’re so happy that our users with OroPocket need never worry about security since we already took care of it.

Halborn has successfully audited the Gold and Silver Smart Contract. The audit report from the cybersecurity firm claims that it’s safe to invest and send Gold and Silver with OroPocket.

According to Halborn OroPocket Smart Contract Security Audit Report, the smart contracts code is well documented, follows a high-quality software development standard, contain many utilities and automation scripts to support continuous deployment / testing / integration, and does NOT contain any obvious exploitation vectors.

You can download the Audit Report from the link below.

OroPocket is 100% asset backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Invest into multiple asset classes, grow your wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity.




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