OroPocket Introduces Auto-Invest Plan (AIP)

Have you ever considered the significance of your long-term goals? Saving money in a systematic manner is critical, which is why OroPocket brings you an all-new way of saving money – Auto-Invest Plan (AIP).

Using the OroPocket mobile app, anyone can automatically invest in GOLD and SILVER like a SIP. Under the ‘Auto-Invest Plan,’ users can choose a goal, amount, and frequency of investment, which they can readily redeem at any time.

There’s no denying that digital assets such as GOLD and SILVER have been among the most volatile investments in recent years. In a year, the price of 1 ounce of GOLD and SILVER reached over $1,992.15 and $29.97, respectively.

According to Ulate’s (2021) analysis, advanced economies may have the flexibility to cut rates below zero during a recession while also leaving a significant impact on bank lending activity. In the current situation of persistently low global interest rates, economists and policymakers will need a deeper understanding of the effects of low or negative interest rates.

According to Economic Times, the government has kept the interest rates on small savings schemes unchanged for this quarter as well. The government has kept interest rates on various post schemes such as National Savings Certificates (NSC), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY), and others unchanged for the fifth quarter. This means that PPF and SSY investors will continue to earn the same interest rate as they did in the previous quarter. New investments into these schemes will also earn the same interest rates as in the previous quarter.

Furthermore, the interest rates on Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits have dropped to 5.25% and 6.96%, respectively.

Many people have not seen the value of their investment returned due to the lowering interest rates on FD/RD. Some investors recommend “investing in FD/RD,” but you will eventually lose patience as the closing amount is getting lesser with the passage of time.

This is where OroPocket’s Auto-Invest Plan outperforms the other options in the long run.

Make Your Money Grow with OroPocket

A small amount over time results in higher returns when compared to investing a one-time huge amount. And you can reap the most benefits if you invest it wisely. AIP is your way to achieve that financial freedom.

Auto-Invest Plan (AIP), similar to SIP, is a strategy in which an investor places a set amount at regular intervals (daily, weekly or monthly). The most exciting aspect of this new AIP feature is that it allows you to make your investments in Digital GOLD and SILVER.

To begin with AIP, anyone can sign up on the OroPocket mobile app. For those signing up for the first time, we’re giving away 1mg of GOLD and 1g of SILVER for FREE.

Note: Every user registering on the OroPocket app must complete KYC.

After the successful registration, users need to add their bank account to the OroPocket app, which can then be utilized for investments. The minimum amount to begin with the AIP is $1.5.

Although it’s the way to grow your investment portfolio while protecting yourself from the negative impacts of the rising inflation, one can close the AIP and redeem the amount at any time.

However, the investment redeemed will be transferred directly to the user’s bank account after the 0.025% fee has been charged.

Now that we know how to start investing in OroPocket’s Auto-Invest Plan, here’s what is good about it.

The Good about AIP

  • OroPocket offers a great way to invest in GOLD and SILVER at short intervals, so the price of GOLD and SILVER doesn’t affect an investor. One can keep buying the dip every day.
  • The only commodities that increase in value during economic downturns are GOLD and SILVER. Investing in them is unquestionably a win-win.
  • The interface of OroPocket is definitely very easy to use. It appears familiar to existing users.
  • The platform is for everyone in the world, and KYC is mandatory for all users. Users can also withdraw the amount easily.

Start Your AIP

OroPocket is a platform that allows you to create long-term monetary goals for yourself and start saving for them by investing in digital assets like GOLD and SILVER.

Now, with the launch of our new AIP feature, we tend to grow stronger by helping individuals make small investments at regular intervals.

This is definitely the best bet for investors as they can now grow their portfolio by investing in GOLD and SILVER using this feature and earn passive income without losing control of their holdings.

Moreover, with this new AIP feature, you’re protecting yourself from the negative impacts of inflation.

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