Being an innovative farming solution where top leading DeFi projects come together to create a reward pool, UniFarm is now taking major steps.

We just announced our $2 Million fund raise from leading blockchain investors, including –

  • AU21 Capital
  • LD Capital
  • Rarestone Capital
  • Morningstar Ventures
  • NGC Capital
  • Alphabit
  • Moonwhale Ventures
  • Acheron Capital
  • Zokyo Ventures
  • Spark Capital
  • Lotus Capital
  • Okex Dream Fund
  • MXC Capital
  • Inclusion Capital
  • 18 Ventures
  • x21 Digital
  • Genblock
  • Crypto Dorm Fund
  • Aquity Capital
  • Chronos VC
  • Blocksync Capital
  • NGC Capital
  • MorningStars Ventures
  • Alphabit Capital
  • Playcent Capital
  • Dach Capital
  • Moonwhale Ventures

Now, here we are presenting you the UniFarm Whitepaper.

For all the serious investors, here is a deeper look at our Whitepaper.

1. Value Creation for Stakers

UniFarm is a community-driven product. Our offering ensures immense value creation for users who stake any token on UniFarm.

  • Stake ONE, farm MANY tokens
  • Minimum APY guaranteed
  • Completely decentralized
  • Easy to Use

2. Value Creation for Projects

The crypto ecosystem is currently in its nascent stage. Several startups are trying to make their mark and build amazing offerings.

UniFarm helps them with many major pain points –

  • Creating utility for projects
  • Creating demand for their tokens
  • Exposure to new investors
  • Ease of selling pressure
  • Long term holders

3. $UFARM Governance Token

UniFarm now has its Governance Token – $UFARM.

UFARM Token is going to be a part of all the major cohorts of UniFarm.

However, we also working to convert it into an independent SaaS offering for the developers as well as projects.


UniFarm is just warming up. There’s a lot underway coming for the users. Our team is growing aggressively towards the Future of Farming.

With this Whitepaper, users as well as investors are going to get a deeper look of what’s in store.

Read the whitepaper to further understand how all value is finally accrued in the $ORO token

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.




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