The Summer is here, and so is monthly update from OpenDeFi. March came up with a few challenges. The announcements we made in the month of February were personified in March.

In case you missed all those interesting announcements, you must take a Look at OpenDeFi in February 2021.

Not just this, but there were many new announcements and executions that were widely applauded by our audience across the globe.

Let’s get started with our Progress Recap for March 2021!

UniFarm Cohort 3

On February 25, 2021, we made our official announcement for UniFarm Cohort 3 via Twitter.

All the details about UniFarm’s 3rd Edition were made available through our blog post – UniFarm Cohort 3 is coming!

We finally went live with UniFarm Cohort 3 on March 3, 2021. The response, with each cohort, is getting bigger every time.

Within minutes, $700K were staked on the platform. PAID Network was the first to have the pool filled in just 15 minutes of time followed by Razor Network and MANTRA DAO.

UniFarm Cohort 4

As we say, the UniFarm is getting bigger every time.

After the successful launch of UniFarm Cohort 3, we went BIG with the 4th Cohort of UniFarm.

UniFarm Cohort 4 was the biggest so far since it’s meant to last for as long as 180 days with the staking pool size TWICE the previous one.

5 massive projects participated in Cohort 4 –

  1. Razor Network
  2. Playcent
  3. APYSwap
  4. HAPI
  5. OpenDeFi

After being filled up within 30 minutes of time in the last cohort, Razor Network had joined us again for the Cohort 4.

Shaping up the biggest so far, $1 Million got locked up in just 20 minutes of time on UniFarm. HAPI was the first project to be filled up in just 30 minutes.

Partnership Announcements

Partnership with Knit Finance


OpenDeFi is proud to have a strategic partnership with Knit Finance. This partnership is meant unlock the full potential of DeFi by combining synthetics across multiple chains, Bridges, and real-world markets with yield, lend, trade, and margin services through smart contracts.

What value this partnership brings to the end user? Click here to find the answer!

Partnership with Playcent

On our conquest to build a new free market, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Playcent.

Playcent is a decentralized WIX where they remix the tool that everyone can use to make interactive games, social tokens, NFTs and dApps using various templates.

With this collaboration, $ORO would be able to gain additional utility as an official currency on Playcent network.

To know more about what interesting aspects this partnership brings along, you can visit here.

AMA Announcements

AMA with Knit Finance

Followed by the partnership announcement with Knit Finance, we went for an interesting AMA session on March 5, 2021.

In this AMA session, the Founder and CEO of Knit Finance, Sainath Gupta came live on OpenDeFi’s Telegram channel to answer all community questions related to DeFi space and the value of the partnership with OpenDeFi.

Video Master AMA

On March 1, 2021, we went live with all 6 partners of UniFarm Cohort 3 on a video master AMA session. The master AMA was livestreamed on all OpenDeFi social handles including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

We welcomed all the community questions. As per the announcement, 10 best questions were to be rewarded with $600.

You can check out this master AMA here.

Second Video Master AMA

On March 18, 2021, we announced our next Master AMA with names such as Razor Network, Playcent, APYSwap, HAPI and OpenDeFi.

The five big projects joined the revolutionary staking program for the 4th Cohort that took place on March 23, 2021. The AMA session was live-streamed on all OpenDeFi socials, for example, TwitterLinkedInFacebook and YouTube.

With such big names joining UniFarm, we’re shaping the future of farming like never before.

Besides, as part of the announcement, $500 were rewarded to the best questions.

Cross AMA with APYSwap and HAPI

We had an insightful cross AMA session with APYSwap Community on March 26, 2021.

$100 worth of $HAPI & $ORO were given as part of the reward pool for the best 10 questions.

Cross AMA with Playcent

And we ended up with March with a good note.

There was another cross AMA session with Playcent. We went really with big with this strategic partnership with Playcent and did not just ONE but TWO back to back AMAs with Playcent.

With this cross AMA, we brought more clarity to our extended partnership for both the communities.

The two AMAs took part on March 30 and March 31, respectively.

OroPocket Reached 20K Followers on Twitter

March 3 proved to be the day of records. While we were hitting new records in Total Value Locked on UniFarm, we also crossed 20K followers on Twitter.

We took to Twitter to celebrate this achievement with our beloved audience –

Master AMA Winner Announcement

As mentioned in the main announcement for Master AMA with UniFarm partners, 10 best questions were to be rewarded with $600.

We were pleased to announce UniFarm Video Livestream Master AMA winners on March 5, 2021. We congratulated the winners on Twitter. Check out the post –

International Women’s Day with OpenDeFi Co-Founder, Tarusha Mittal

OpenDeFi Co-Founder, Tarusha Mittal, Moderates Conference on Bit2Buzz

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, our Superhuman Lady Warrior co-founder, Tarusha Mittal moderated the biggest crypto-blockchain conference on March 8, 2021.

The conference was all about “How men are empowering women in crypto-blockchain space?”, and all things related to the “Women of the Future”. The conference was held by Bit2Buzz.

OpenDeFi Co-Founder, Tarusha Mittal, Spoke Went Live on TradeDog

Our own women co-founder, Tarusha Mittal, was invited guest on TradeDog. She was one of the speakers at TradeDog YouTube channel to celebrate International Women’s Day where she was joined by other women entrepreneurs in the DeFi space.

You can check out the entire live session below –

OpenDeFi Co-Founder at Blockchain Summit

On March 10, 2021, a Blockchain Summit was held by IAMAI, which was all about delving deeper into the blockchain adoption and usage across the globe.

The live panel discussion was led by 6 entrepreneurs including our co-founder and COO, Tarusha Mittal.

The APY Blog

Got questions for APY Calculations? No worries!

Calculating your APY made easy with our complete guide on How to Calculate Total APY on UniFarm.

After the continuous iteration from UniFarm community, we have come up with this comprehensive guide that comprises all the related information to help you understand the APY calculations on UniFarm.

Holi Celebration with OroPocket Audience

On the occasion of Holi, we ran a campaign for our beloved audience where they could participate and get a Gift Card of Gold for both, themselves and their loved ones.

We got a huge response from our audience and they seemed to be participating in the campaign by investing and sending Digital Gold to someone they care about. As part of our Holi Campaign, they both got the Gold Gifts from OroPocket.

OroPocket Gold and Silver Contract Audit Report from Halborn

We are proud to share that OroPocket smart contract was audited by none other than Halborn.

Halborn is an elite cybersecurity firm renowned in the space for being the most secure place to get the code audited.

You can find the details and download the report from here.

Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed keeping track of all the major happenings at OpenDeFi by OroPocket in the Month of March 2021.

Stay Tuned! There’s more underway!