In one of our most exciting partnerships yet, OpenDeFi entered a strategic alliance with India’s premier exchange Bitbns. The long term vision of this partnership is to strengthen the network and enlarge our user base, while Bitbns will be able to provide users a chance to invest in real world Gold and Silver as part of their SIP product, Bitdroplet.

Now it’s time for the first phase!

The exciting news is that OpenDeFi $ORO is the FIRST project ever to feature on Bitbns’s new Ascent Platform (outside of their own fundraise).

To celebrate this, today at

December 12, 2020 from 12 pm to 8 pm IST, Bitbns users can get an effective discount of 20% on $ORO on Ascent!

The per user cap is 20,000 ORO. These will be offered at the market rate, but will also have a locked airdrop built in, which means this is a chance to get a discount!

The entire sale process will be entirely transparent as everything happens on-chain. Ascent is a revolutionary way of investing in DeFi, and we are proud to be associated with this product brought to us by India’s premier exchange Bitbns.

This is part of a larger strategic partnership as discussed here.