UniFarm by OroPocket is building on its momentum by bringing the 3rd Cohort, with names such as PAID Network, MANTRA DAO, Razor Network, OpenDeFi, Royale Finance and PLOTX joining the revolutionary staking program.

UniFarm Cohort 3 staking goes live March 3, 8 PM IST | 2:30 PM GMT

With the outpouring of love and interest that the DeFi community has shown us at large, we are bringing together an AMA event like no other before.

All six projects: PAID Network, MANTRA DAO, Razor Network, OpenDeFi, Royale Finance and PLOTX will come together for a Master Video AMA which will be live-streamed across all of OpenDeFi’s socials!

The Video AMA will be live on the OpenDeFi Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The UniFarm Cohort 3 Video Master AMA will be held on March 1 at 12.30 PM IST | 7 AM GMT

What’s more, all 6 projects will be giving away $100 in their native tokens $PAID, $ORO, $RAZOR, $ROYA, $PLOT and $OM to make a $600 pool for the 10 best questions

Do join us on March 1 for an informative and interesting session, and be a part of the Future of Farming.

Have more questions about UniFarm? Join our official Telegram where the mods are always there to help.

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

OpenDefi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.




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