There has been a LOT of news today, with the announcement of the $UFARM Poolz IDO, the ZENDIT IDO as well as the LaunchPool IDO.

And now, we have another huge announcement to top it all off.

UniFarm is Coming to Binance Smart Chain!

UniFarm Cohort 5 is going to be the first UniFarm Cohort on BSC!

BSC has been asked for by the UniFarm community for quite a while, and we felt there’s no better time to make farming even better than at the heels of our Public Sale Launches.

UniFarm Cohort 5 is set to go live on April 20, 2021 at 10.30 PM IST | 05:00 PM GMT.

4 amazing projects have joined hands to create UniFarm’s largest Staking Pool yet.

Let’s learn about the projects!

Projects in UniFarm Cohort 5 — The First BSC Farm

Here are the 4 projects taking part in UniFarm Cohort 5:


JulSwap is a decentralized exchange of BSC-20 tokens. The project is aimed at lowering the barrier to make entry in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Anyone can create his/her own liquidity pool on their platform.

Yellow Road

Yellow Road is a unique IDO platform that empowers the most innovative crypto projects. The project is solely dedicated to BSC project IDOs ensuring that they are backed by a community that trusts them. Yellow Road offers an elite range of funding solutions for new projects.

Multiplier Finance

Multiplier Finance is an algorithm-based money market system which is designed to borrowing and lending opportunities in the most secure way through Finance Smart Chain.


OpenDefi provides 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Through their Fiat on-ramp OroPocket, users can invest in multiple asset classes, grow their wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity—all on Blockchain, with a simple app.

How Does UniFarm Cohort 5 Work?

Let’s say you stake $ORO tokens.


You farm $ORO tokens only.


You farm $ORO + $ROAD


You farm $ORO + $ROAD + $JuLD


You farm $ORO + $ROAD + $JuLD + $bMXX

And so on.

Benefits of Staking On UniFarm Cohort 5

  • Users can stake any one or more of their holdings from the above tokens.
  • Users can UNSTAKE anytime.
  • The UniFarm Cohort 5 Pool will last for 180 Days.
  • Users will get a minimum APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%.
  • The total reward pool size is $200K, with $50K per project.
  • Per project tokens worth $500K can be staked.

UniFarm Cohort 5 Goes Live on April 20, 2021 @ 10:30 PM IST | 5:00 PM GMT

Let us also take this chance to invite you to our 3rd Video Master AMA Livestream:

With all the Love and Support that the DeFi community has shown us so far, we are bringing all 4 projects together with a Master Video AMA that will be live-streamed.

All 4 projects: OpenDeFi, JulSwap, Yellow Road and Multiplier Finance will be coming together for a Master Video AMA session that will be live-streamed across all our social media handles.

The Video AMA will be live on the UniFarm Twitter and YouTube.

“The UniFarm Cohort 5 Video Master AMA will be held on April 19, 2021 at 6 PM IST | 12.30 PM GMT


  • Mohit Madan, Co-Founder, OpenDeFi & UniFarm
  • Tarusha Mittal, Co-Founder, OpenDeFi & UniFarm
  • Shashwat Eternal, Head of Growth, UniFarm
  • Tobias Graf, Founder, JulSwap
  • Vinish Ramanathan, Head of Risk, Multiplier Finance

Give Away

“A total pool of $400 in rewards for the 10 best questions, represented in each native token will be given out.”

Do join us on April 19, 2021 at 6 PM IST | 12.30 PM GMT for an informative and interesting session, and be a part of the Future of Farming.

Have more questions about UniFarm? Join our official Telegram where the mods are always there to help.

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.




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