UniFarm by OroPocket is building on momentum and recently shared our upcoming $UFARM listing on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This will be the first time $UFARM token will be traded publicly.

We are also celebrating UniFarm’s Upcoming Listing with a 10,000 $UFARM Airdrop.

While $UFARM was made available in 4 IDOs, many of the community missed out. So we’ve come up with another guaranteed way of earning $UFARM tokens for free.

Simply Hold $ORO!

$ORO is the governance token for OpenDeFi by OroPocket. Whatever action we take within the OroPocket ecosystem is ultimately leading towards building an economy for $ORO.

Thus, it is vital for us to capture value of $UFARM tokens in $ORO.

And it comes along with numerous advantages for the investors.

1. Airdrop For $ORO Holders

Those who hold $ORO tokens on UniFarm Pools will be rewarded with $UFARM tokens. This will be further two-tiered and done every quarter throughout the year.

For the first quarter:

Anyone holding 1000 $ORO tokens or above from May 1 to May 16 will be eligible to claim 200 $UFARM tokens.

Anyone holding 5000 $ORO tokens or above from May 1 to May 16 will be eligible to claim 1000 $UFARM tokens.

Terms for the first quarter airdrops:

  • The total reward pool is 5,000,000 $UFARM tokens.
  • Reward distribution would be based on the top 5000 wallet addresses holding $ORO tokens.
  • The airdrops would be 100% unlocked.
  • Users can claim their airdrops from May 17, 2021 by going to https://UniFarm.co/.
  • To be eligible, users need to ensure that they’re holding $ORO for the entire duration (From May 1 at 12 PM GMT to May 16 23:59 PM GMT).
  • Users need to hold these tokens in their own wallets and not on exchanges. Otherwise, they would not be able to claim it.

Terms for other quarter airdrops will be shared later.

Other Benefits of Holding $ORO:

2. High APY Yield

We will be setting up an exclusive pool for $ORO token holders where they would be able to farm $UFARM tokens at a very high APY.

The tentative date for this pool launch is the third week of May 2021. More details would be announced closer to the date.

3. Buyback and Lock

UniFarm is already cash-flow positive. 25% of the revenue of UniFarm would be used to buyback $ORO tokens from Uniswap and will be locked for 12 months. This shall be done after the launch of every cohort or on a monthly basis.

The locking would be on-chain and completely transparent.

Buy $ORO Effortlessly with 10 Times Less Gas Fee

There’s a way of buying $ORO (along with many other cryptocurrencies) directly from https://opendefi.finance/.

It requires no Sign Up and KYC. You can directly get your $ORO tokens deposited to your MetaMask or any other wallet. Click the button below to proceed!

As of now, you are aware how profitable it’s going to be to hold $ORO tokens in the UniFarm pool. So, be prepared for the upcoming $UFARM listing on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, and make sure you aren’t left behind.

For a more detailed view, check out our Whitepaper.

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UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.




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