We have a new $ORO Listing Date!

We’re back and ready to GO!

As you know, our token listing was delayed because of major outages on the Ethereum network. 

As soon as the updates started coming, we made sure all hands were on deck and our community felt like we had their back. Updates went out every 15 minutes, and when it became clear that this was a BIG outage, we decided to postpone instead of having you guys wait indefinitely. 

Throughout all this, our OpenDeFi community stood by us. You guys were awesome. Truly. Everyone knows crypto is a wild space, and sure, what happened was not in our control at all. But it showed us how resilient, how supportive—and how kind our community is. 

We promised you an updated listing date as soon as things normalised, and here it is!

We’re going to be having our Uniswap Listing on 13th November 2020 at 8.30 AM UTC!

Please note that we are not listing anywhere else for now. The excitement around the $ORO launch is amazing, but our first priority is always going to be protecting our community members. Please be vigilant. Do NOT use any address provided anywhere else.

The listing pair is ORO/ETH. When listing occurs use ONLY the address given on our official blog. All official channels such as our Twitter and our Telegram Channel will also only post links to bring you here. Please DO NOT follow any other addresses, be very careful.

ORO/ETH trading pair details can be found here:

Official contract address of $ORO is 0xc3Eb2622190c57429aac3901808994443b64B466

Meanwhile, we’ve had another awesome announcement, take a look in case you missed it.

Thank you so much for your support. See you at the Token Listing!