Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold: Which is Better?

Investing in gold is one of the easiest ways to diversify the investment portfolio. There are many ways available on the market to invest in gold. Some of them are physical gold in the form of jewelry, coin, bar, Digital Gold(Oropocket Gold), Gold ETF, and Sovereign Gold Bond. While discussing Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold, each of these investments have its own pros and cons. Investing in Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold, both are having the same benefits in terms of diversification, safety, security, easy liquidity, and hedging against inflation. But what makes them different when you choose one among them?

What is OroPocket Gold?

OroPocket is an exclusive wealth creation platform built on the blockchain. Oropocket Gold is backed by real assets in a 1:1 ratio. Apart from the real precious metals backing the digital assets offered by OroPocket, it offers you many other benefits like fully insured vault storage, no storage costs, easy transactions, instant global transactions, and so on. Let’s discuss each of these features of OroPocket Gold in a bit more detail.

Insured Vault Storage

With OroPocket, you don’t have to worry about the storage of your digital assets. OroPocket offers you secure storage of your assets in fully insured physical vaults located in countries like Switzerland, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

No Storage Fee

Unlike bank lockers that charge an annual storage fee or locker maintenance fee from the locker holders, OroPocket doesn’t charge any storage fee. All your digital assets are stored safely on their behalf without incurring an additional fee.

Asset-backed Debit Cards

While buying digital gold from OroPocket, you obtain an asset-based debit card. It is just like any other debit card on the market. The only difference here is that in the case of traditional debit cards, you buy and spend by using Fiat money. But in the case of Asset-based debit cards, you use your digital asset value to spend money and buy things.

Instant Global Transactions

With OroPocket, you can digital gold as gifts to your friends and relatives living anywhere in the world. There are no transaction costs attached with the sending of digital gold.

Invest as low as Rs. 1

OroPocket makes investing in gold accessible to people from all financial backgrounds. On this platform, you can start investing in gold for an amount as low as Rs. 1.

What are Gold ETFs?

Gold ETF is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the domestic physical gold price. These are the best options if you are buying gold for earning a passive income. Each unit of a Gold ETF is backed by a gram of physical gold. So, basically, we can say that Gold ETFs are funds that represent physical gold in paper or any other dematerialized form. Gold ETFs are as flexible as stocks and as simple as gold investments, creating a great combination of gold investments funds.

Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold: Where to Buy?

Users can buy Gold ETF on NSE/BSE through a broker for which you need a Demat and trading account, where you have to pay the fee for opening a Demat/trading account separately.

Users can buy Oropocket Gold in an easy way through the Oropocket web platform or mobile apps available over the play store and app store, where you don’t need any separate account. Just complete your KYC and you are good to go ahead to buy Oropocket Gold.

Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold: Investment Unit

Gold ETF minimum purchase is 1 unit which is equal to 1 gram. OroPocket gold allows you to start investing in gold as low as Re 1, which is quite more efficient compared to Gold ETF, enabling users to accumulate gold as per their budget at their own pace during regular intervals.


Gold ETF is represented by 99.5% pure physical gold bars. OroPocket where the gold you invested is 24 Karat with 99.99% purity.

Gold ETFs vs OroPocket Gold: Charges/Fees

While investing in Gold ETF, you have to pay multiple fees like brokerage about 0.5% for every trade, and a management fee of about 1% every year for managing the portfolio.

Whereas in OroPocket, there is no hidden fee like storage or portfolio management fee, there is a flat fee of 0.25% for every buy/sell transaction.

Exclusive Feature

Oropocket provides you an exclusive feature like the nominee feature, in which you can assign nominees to your holdings, in case of any misshapen. The nominee will get the user’s holdings after full due diligence. Complete vault holdings of OroPocket are now on the blockchain, and anyone can independently verify the integrity of the holdings. By Tokenising the assets, they become mobile. Users can transfer their assets to any user across the globe instantly even if that user is not on OroPocket. OroPocket is also coming up with the MasterCard, which you can use to withdraw cash from nearby ATMs.


Both the investment instruments have their own benefits as per the investor preference. Though Gold ETFs may look like a better way of investing in digital gold, we believe that the advantages of OroPocket gold surely outperform those of Gold ETFs. As Oropocket provides you the easiest, most secure, and most affordable way to invest in Gold, it is the right time to start your digital gold investments with OroPocket.

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