How to Buy XTZGold/XTZSilver on QuipuSwap?

OroPocket is a pioneer fintech platform in the DeFi space to have launched India’s first GOLD and SILVER backed tokens on the Tezos Blockchain. We’ve made it possible to instantly send and receive digital GOLD and SILVER across the world.

A major part of the plan we have for OroPocket is the global expansion, and we believe that we can achieve this by bringing in different kinds of asset classes to our users.

We recently listed XTZGold and XTZSilver on QuipuSwap exchange.

Now, with XTZGold listing on a decentralized exchange, the 99.99% 24K GOLD offered by OroPocket can be bought, owned and traded in a completely decentralized manner.

After multiple requests on how to buy XTZGold and XTZSilver on QuipuSwap, we decided to create a guide to help the OroPocket Community enjoy the benefits of having tokenized assets in their digital wallets.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of buying XTZGold or XTZSilver on the QuipuSwap exchange.

Create a Free Account on Temple Wallet

Before we get started, make sure you have your wallet ready. Here’s a quick video to help you use Temple Wallet.

  • Make sure you have sufficient XTZ in your Wallet to pay gas fees.
  • You can buy XTZGold/XTZSilver using QuipuSwap URL: https://quipuswap.com/.
  • You can buy XTZGold/XTZSilver to the Maximum available balance in your wallet.

6 Simple Steps to Buy Tokenized GOLD/SILVER on QuipuSwap

Check out these easy steps to buy tokenized GOLD and SILVER effortlessly.

Step #1

Go to https://quipuswap.com/ and click on “Connect Temple” on the top right corner.

Step #2

Login with the password you created.

Once your Temple Wallet is successfully connected with QuipuSwap, you can see your Wallet Address on the top right corner.

Step #3

In the Input Section, choose XTZ.

Here, you can add your desired amount of GOLD you’re willing to buy on QuipuSwap.

In the Output field, enter your contract address.


Step #4

Click on SWAP.

Step #5

Your wallet will prompt you to show the number of tokens you’re swapping on QuipuSwap and the Gas Fee required for the transaction. Kindly click on CONFIRM.

Now wait until the transaction gets confirmed.

Step #6

Congratulations! You have successfully bought XTZGold on QuipuSwap.

How to Add Tokens in Your Temple Wallet?

Step #1

Go to your Temple Wallet, and select MANAGE.

Step #2

In the next screen, choose ADD TOKENS.

Step #3

A new tab will open asking for the contract address.

Add your contract address here.

**Follow this link for contract address: https://tzstats.com/KT1S6t5PrHXnozytDU3vYdajmsenoBNYY8WJ**

Step #4

Once you enter the token address in the required section, a form will open up asking for some information you must have received on your phone.

Click on ADD TOKEN.

Step #5

Congratulations! You have successfully added XTZGold in your Temple Wallet.

For XTZSilver use the below contract and follow the same steps.


For any questions you might have, our mods are online 24*7.