4 Reasons Why Investors Choose OroPocket to Buy Gold?

Investing in precious metals is nothing new. Both GOLD and SILVER have been traded for years. Not just this, they act as a go-to resource in hard economic times. You wouldn’t resist agreeing that buying and selling these precious metals in physical form is a daunting challenge. Premiums can be higher than you think, and selling is not that easy. Storage for the large amounts of GOLD and SILVER can be a problem, and insurance is also an issue. OroPocket changes that. OroPocket allows customers to digitally buy gold and precious metals in fractional amounts. This simply combines the convenience of GOLD ETFs with the security of physical bullion.

OroPocket: A Quick Intro

If you’re an investor looking to own precious metals as security against unforeseen economic crisis, then you need to look towards OroPocket.

OroPocket is an exclusive wealth creation platform built on the blockchain. The platform offers you a unique and convenient way of investing in digital assets such as GOLD and SILVER.

OroPocket is the clear choice when compared with other digital investment products. We understand that there are other digital precious metals trading platforms out there, all of which have their own set of selling points. But OroPocket stands apart for several reasons.

Unique Features of OroPocket App

OroPocket has several distinct features over other precious metal investing methods.

1. Investment Options: Why Investors Choose OroPocket to Buy Gold?

OroPocket is your way to be smarter about your wealth.

While other platforms provide you with only one option (GOLD) to invest in precious metals, at OroPocket, you can invest in SILVER as well.

Besides, we are working on bringing more digital instruments where you can invest instantly with the OroPocket mobile app.

2. Invest With As Little As Rs. 1

OroPocket offers you great optionality to invest in these precious metals at your convenience. Instead of putting a large chunk of your hard-earned money altogether, you can start by investing with fractional amounts at regular intervals. Start with a minimum of Rs. 1.

This way, you can keep track of the market movements and make informed decisions for yourself. Once you gain confidence, invest with more.

3. Send GOLD & SILVER Overseas: Why Investors Choose OroPocket to Buy Gold?

All this time, you’ve been either buying or selling GOLD and SILVER. Have you ever tried sending GOLD and SILVER to your loved ones?

If you’re thinking to send precious metals in the physical form to any of your family member or a friend, remember these –

  • The transaction will take time.
  • Sending them to anyone will always cost some bucks.
  • There’s no security till it gets delivered.

On the other hand, the online platforms, allowing you to invest in Digital GOLD, don’t offer you the facility to send your digital holdings.

But at OroPocket, you can not only buy or sell your Digital GOLD and SILVER, but you can also send them to anyone across the world in real-time.

Click here to try.

4. Spend Your GOLD and SILVER Just Like Cash with UPI in INDIA

OroPocket is a one of a kind investment platform that has made it possible to spend your real-world assets via a mobile app.

We’ve recently added this new UPI feature within the OroPocket app that you can utilize to spend GOLD and SILVER just like cash across India.

It is an easier, faster and more secure way of spending your precious metals and paying for your things instantly.

Top-notch Advantages of Investing with OroPocket

Sure, every digital precious metal trading platform offers its own selling point. But OroPocket stands apart for several reasons:

  • Since it is a Blockchain-based platform, your holdings are verified with integrity.
  • You get the utmost transparency of your transactions.
  • You’ll be investing in 99.99% pure 24K GOLD and 99.99% pure SILVER.
  • No hidden charges or storage fee. Just a flat 0.25% fee at every transaction.
  • Your digital assets are secured in vaults in India, London, Switzerland and Singapore. Thus, their prices are relatively low.
  • You can spend your GOLD & SILVER holdings in real-time using our latest UPI feature within OroPocket app.

How to Start with OroPocket?

OroPocket is a hybrid solution that has improved the way you’ve been buying, selling or investing in precious metals. We have added unique features in our mobile app to make the process even smoother, faster and more secure. It’s simple to get started. Create a free account at the OroPocket mobile app. Complete your KYC, and you’re good to start investing. It’s that simple! Start today and discover a better way to invest in precious metals. Most importantly, OroPocket has launched an Auto-investment Plan to help our busy investors invest in gold and silver without facing any unnecessary hassle.

All you need to do is download the OroPocket mobile application with the help of the link provided below. Sign up with your account details and select the option for creating a gold or silver AIP. Select the amount of gold you want to invest in and the frequency of your investments. Add the payment option and your money will be automatically invested in the desired amount of gold or silver at the desired frequency. That is it.

OroPocket is 100% asset-backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time-consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Invest into multiple asset classes, grow your wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity. In addition to this, you can get your digital gold and silver converted to physical form easily.