For those, who somehow missed on the important information, here’s the AMA Recap with APYSwap and HAPI.

The AMA occurred on March 26, 2021 on APYSwap Community.

Let’s ride in!

AMA Recap

PatSu: Hey everyone!! @AndriyV @DM_HAPI @TheMohitMadan @TMittal Apologies for the late start! Had a minor hiccup at my end. Anyway I’m so thrilled you’re all here for the AMA!! Please say hello to the group 🙂

Mohit Madan: Glad to be here, thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Andriy | : Hello everyone. Amazing guests have joined us today. I am really happy to welcome you here

PatSu : Yes, WELCOME to the APYSwap group guys! We have here the following joining us:

Andriy Velykyy, Founder of APYSWAP

DonaMara, Co-founder of HAPI

Mohit Madan, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenDeFi

Kindly introduce yourselves briefly @TheMohitMadan @DM_HAPI

PatSu: @AndriyV I don’t think you need introduction here anymore.

Andriy | Maybe we need to turn the bot off.

Fees like our guests cannot post links and images.

Mohit Madan: Let me try again.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Me too, BRO.

Andriy | I have removed the Protectron bot for now, sorry for him misbehaving.

Mohit Madan: No worries, thanks!

Andriy | Rise of the machines…

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Bots are killing our party.

PatSu: Please do introduce yourselves @TheMohitMadan @DM_HAPI 🙂

Sorry about that.

Andriy | Grrr

Removed the other bot.

Mohit Madan: Hey everyone, I’m Mohit Madan, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenDeFi.

We’re bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi by tokenizing real world assets and enabling devs to build financial services on top of it.

Mohit Madan: We’re available on both Android and iOS and offer fiat support in 153 countries.

Andriy | Happy to be here with you today!

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Ok. So. I am a hacker who hacked hackers 🙂 from HAPI.

HAPI is on chain cybersecurity protocol

PatSu: Interesting intros! Haha Welcome again guys!
Let’s start off with the questions already. First question is for @AndriyV

What is APYSwap’s strategy to attract more users globally, especially in communities where people don’t know about Cryptocurrencies and DeFi?

Mohit Madan: Lol, nothing beats this intro.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: BRO, you don’t need users who don’t know about Bitcoin.

Andriy | Hey, so for all newcomers, I am Andriy, Founder and CEO at APYSwap and the reason I started the APYSwap was that DeFi products are complex, there are a lot of them on the market and they require expertise and research to choose between them. So the whole concept of our product came from the idea that some people should do the research and create the best possible DeFi assets portfolios and other people should simply buy the shares of those portfolios. APYSwap is really simplifying the entrance to the crypto space by building a platform where it would simply take one click to buy yourself a share of a portfolio. I think it is really important especially for inexperienced users who are asking me – what about mass adoption?

PatSu: Thanks for a very detailed answer! @AndriyV here’s another question.

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive. What is the way you generate profit? What is the income model?

Andriy | Ah, so I do all the questions first? Or do we do them one by one with the guests?

Mohit Madan: Whatever works best for you

PatSu: you first, then @DM_HAPI then @TheMohitMadan so we don’t jump from different topics.

Andriy | It is no secret here the traditional marketplace business model relies on commissions. While portfolio managers sell their portfolios at a premium to the buyers – APYSwap has a share in this deal too

Good. Meanwhile, @DM_HAPI can post GIFs, as the bots are out now – nothing will stop from doing that.

PatSu: Thanks Andriy! A question for you @DM_HAPI 

What were your expectations towards joining the UniFarm Cohort 4, seeing that a lot of projects have joined before?

PatSu: Hope that’s not actually you

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: I hope too 🙂

Andriy | I was really excited about that! I have seen great interest in the community in participating, and I personally believe that the UniFarm staking concept is far beyond anything else on the market. Getting multiple tokens from various projects combined if you stake long enough and projects participating in this together – it is a genius. @TheMohitMadan, I love what you are doing. Cross marketing opportunities are huge there.

PatSu: How about you @DM_HAPI. How did the partnership with OpenDeFi come about?

Mohit Madan: Couldn’t agree more with you.

UniFarm was born out of necessity. We continue to grow aggressively.

Users are able to stake $APYS and earn $API $ORO $PCNT and $RAZOR earning great APY.

APYSwap and HAPI pools are already full.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: I do not remember, but I like it.

Mohit Madan: We have designed it to maximize the returns for both projects and investors.

Projects get to reach a wider audience, get tokens locked giving them room to grow and investors enjoy great APY and earn tokens of different projects.

He lets the cat out of the bag.

PatSu: it got full pretty fast!! It is such a nice collaboration! @TheMohitMadan Can you tell us now a little bit about OroPocket and UniFarm?

Mohit Madan: We’re yet to officially announce this, however, goes without saying – security is paramount when it comes to DeFi, and the HAPI team has been killing it out there.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Be my CEO

Mohit Madan: Yup, $ORO is the governance token for OpenDeFi.

We have a breathable economy, backed by solid investors and have already tokenized Gold and Silver.

UniFarm is simply the need of the hour. We have about 17 projects in queue for various farms (as we’re working on expanding to Polygon, BSC and HECO)

PatSu: Well speaking of security, how secure is UniFarm? As Unifarm rewards users with more than one token they stake, now security of the projects in the pool also becomes important, so what sort of measures do you follow when any project gets compromised?

Mohit Madan: Security is the most critical factor for any open economy or DeFi project.

Our smart contract is already audited: 

As our TVL increases, we’ll continue to get more audits done. We’re also working on adding several on-chain insurance solutions within the platform

PatSu: Nice!

Mohit Madan: You hit the nail right on the head.

We’re working on offering NFT staking and rewards solutions where users will be able to stake tokens (for example $APYS) and earn not just other tokens but also NFTs at the end of staking. We’re testing various gamification modules here.

One of our earlier cohort members, Terra Virtua, is doing great things in NFT so we might partner with them again for offering NFT staking support.


PatSu: I want to hear from @DM_HAPI

Building such a project is very difficult if you don’t have an experienced team who already understands this field. Can you share the stories of the HAPI team members and the experiences they have? and what will be the focus of development in the near future?

Andriy | BTW we can also try to help you on that one with our fractional ownership of the NFTs concept, which we will show in early April.

Mohit Madan: Awesome!

PatSu: Early April only a few weeks from now!! pretty excited about this.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: We already have a technical team (group of anonymous hackers). And business development team (HACKEN)

So in my technical team, 3 super mega dragon developers:) top hackers:) and now we are looking for top stars 🙂

Mohit Madan: Superb!

Andriy | That’s a lot of hackers!

PatSu: Sounds like an uber solid line of devs (and hackers) behind! which I think is the common denominator with all you three!

We can open the community now for questions.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Almost all hackers at our team 🙂

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Do u need more developers?)))

PatSu: Actually a very comforting thing to hear here in crypto space.


Mohit Madan: Yes!!

Devs and hackers!!

Andriy | Thank you so much for your questions – a lot of them)

Before we proceed I have an important announcement to make

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Call me. But wait a sec.  You don’t have my number?

PatSu: ALRIGHT!! Lots of questions here. Please pick the best questions for you @AndriyV @DM_HAPI @TheMohitMadan

Just 10 lucky questions

Mohit Madan: Yes, we raised a million from some of the best funds and operators:

We’re closing the second round of funding very soon as well to make sure we have enough resources to scale OpenDeFi and UniFarm. 🙂

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: 5 from all of us? 🙂

Andriy | HAPI and APYSwap are announcing strategic partnership

Small step for our companies but giant leap for DeFi ecosystem )

And now for the questions.

Also – check the cool GIF above )

Mohit Madan: Unifarm is such a community driven product and we’re glad to have support of 9000+ active users on our TG. Join us for latest discussions and updates – @oropocket

PatSu: Wow!! HUGE ANN!

PatSu: 10 questions now guys. 3 for @TheMohitMadan and @DM_HAPI  and 4 for @AndriyV

Mohit Madan: Cool is an understatement bro

This is uber super cool 😀

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: 1

Andriy | thanks))

Mohit Madan: We’re currently listed on Uniswap (1.2 mil liquidity), Bitmax (500k liquidity), BitBNS (more than sufficient liquidity), Bilaxy, Changenow, Hotbit etc.

Yes, you can find more details here: 

You can stake $ORO on UniFarm and earn a bunch of tokens as rewards. We have 4 pools live there (three are full though)

Andriy | Yes, we definitely can – I think that the announcement we just made about strategic partnering with HAPI says a lot of our future plans for security audits.

Mohit Madan: We’re starting with regional communities very soon.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Good for u. Write to me a DM.

Mohit Madan: Solid community, working product, sufficient liquidity, superb team and clear roadmap.

Andriy | While we don’t know when the next version of ETH will be up and running and how the changes would affect the DeFi ecosystem and existing projects and protocols, I can say that for the marketplace we have originally designed the project the way that trading would happen on layer 2, anchored to the original assets on the Blockchain.

Mohit Madan: Yes, we have recently started the pilot testing of this in Europe. In the next 3 weeks, this feature will be live in India as well.

The open nature of OpenDeFi allows on-chain KYC solutions to be plugged in. We have partnered with Shyft for the same.

Mohit Madan: @DM_HAPI This one’s for you! =))

Andriy | End of March – tokenized vaults on ETH mainnet, early April – tokenized vaults on BSC, mid April – HECO, also mid April fractional ownership of the NFTs tech demo, mid March – fractional ownership of the NFTs product launch, summer – marketplace beta.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: We are using data only from well known sources. And protect that data on all stages. AI and ML help us with that.

Mohit Madan:

PatSu: Last question.

Mohit Madan: Yep, that’s the entire idea of democratizing a 200Trillion dollar market. 🙂

Andriy | Yes, also happy to say that we not only have local communities but our partners and investors are actively helping us with that. For example, the Vietnam market is being covered by Kyros Ventures, who are kind enough to help us build the community there. For the China Winkrypto and Chainnews are really helping and so on.

PatSu: Alright!! that’s a wrap guys. Thanks for the informative and thorough answers! Definitely a lot of bombs dropping from these three projects pretty soon.

@DM_HAPI @TheMohitMadan can you invite the APYSwap fam to your groups and socials please.

PatSu: Bot’s off

Andriy | Thank you very much for joining us today, enjoyed our conversation. @cryptopatsu thank you so much for hosting. Appreciate that.

Mohit Madan: Thank you once again @cryptopatsu @AndriyV for inviting us here for this wonderful opportunity.

It was really a pleasure interacting with your community.

I wish you all the best for your project and look forward to building more synergies with you in future.

The community can follow our updates on – @oropocket

Andriy | The pleasure is mine!

Mohit Madan: Pleasure doing an AMA with you, Dona. Cheers!

PatSu: thank you guys for these! Pleasure to have a lovely chat with you! Had fun.

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: So. Have a nice day 🙂

Andriy | Likewise!

Dona Mara | I’m #HAPI: Me too bro

PatSu: Unmuting the room now. AND back to regular group mode.

UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.




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