For those who somehow missed on the important information, here’s the AMA Recap with Playcent and OpenDeFi by OroPocket.

The AMA occurred on March 31, 2021 with OpenDeFi Community.

Let’s dive in!

CryptoKen: Hello everyone and Good Evening! We will now start the AMA! 

Pleasure to have @sandeepio, CEO and Co-founder of Playcent, with us for an AMA here! 

Hello and Welcome Sir @sandeepio to OpenDefi by OroPocket Community.

Sandeep | Playcent: Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, it’s my pleasure to be here.

CryptoKen: We are good to go now!

As our first question is an introductory one, let’s start with it. 🙂

First and foremost, can you give us a brief discussion about yourself @sandeepio and how you started your journey on the cryptocurrency/DeFi space?

Sandeep | Playcent: I am Sandeep, Co-founder and CEO at Playcent.

I have worked with an early stage investment firm since 2017 and have plenty of network connections in the Blockchain and gaming industry.

I started my early career as a pentester. In late 2016, for the first time, I got paid in crypto, the transaction took place only minutes compared to weeks through paypal.  That’s when I decided to get into this interesting space which turned out to be a blessing.

CryptoKen: What an interesting fact! Right! Paypal sucks! Now they are into crypto.

CryptoKen: Thank you for the introduction about yourself @sandeepio. Now let’s go ahead to your company. Can you share about what Playcent is and how it started?

Sandeep | Playcent: Sure

Creating software has evolved ever since the internet, yet there is not so much of familiarity with the same. It takes expertise for creating such software and the drive to take it from very scratch to production is quite a bit of a task.

CryptoKen: Would love to hear it!

Sandeep | Playcent: That’s when we have thought of creating a base for creating software on which users can build upon. That’s how the idea for playcent has begun.

Playcent is a blockchain powered user generated content platform for interactive dApps, games and NFTs. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make interactive games, mini-apps, and NFTs based on the various templates created by independent developers.

CryptoKen: That is true! Some takes years and some ideas get wasted because of such inability to program.

Sandeep | Playcent: We offer a suite of products which includes, NFT marketplace, Social token infrastructure and esports platform.

CryptoKen: Awesome platform indeed! We are excited about its future.

How can someone join the platform and create such things you mention? Is there any requirement? How will stakeholders be able to grow their wealth and investment in the Playcent platform?

Sandeep | Playcent: Here is how the ecosystem works:

1: Developers creating game, dApp and social token templates:

Developers create templates on the Playcent platform and get rewarded under the developer reward program.

2: Creators remix developer templates and launch their own dApps, games and NFTs using Playcent visual interfaces.

Creators get paid when consumers do In-app transactions or play/browse their games, dApps.

We will be having a developer rewards program for developers to create templates. Non technical skills will be required for creators to use playcent.

CryptoKen: Very interesting! Thank you for sharing this!

Sandeep | Playcent: Playcent charges 5-10% transaction fees on all the payments on Playcent platform. Part of the transaction fee goes to the treasury where token holders govern the funds.

Total token supply is fixed. Currently, the token is not deflationary but through governance, the community can decide.

Token demand might  increase as the treasury funds grow and transactions on Playcent platform increase.

CryptoKen: Can you share a link of your Whitepaper for those individuals who are interested right now watching and reading our AMA to learn more about the platform?

Sandeep | Playcent: We have also launched Playcent capital recently where $PCNT token holders would be able to invest in exclusive NFT presale projects.

CryptoKen: These are some good stuff @sandeepio! This is for all stakeholders

Let’s go to the next question:

You do have a very interesting product and there are a lot of talented artists, developers, etc out there  who don’t even know cryptocurrency or DeFi, how will Playcent target them to attract users and incentivize on the platform? Especially sooner when mainstream adoption comes?

After this question @sandeepio, we’ll go to another interesting topic!

Sandeep | Playcent: We have taken care of distribution by abstracting blockchain from our platform. We integrated wallet solution provided by Torus #directauth that Playcent will present to facilitate a frictionless experience for our end users.

We provide blockchain wallets with social logins, end users don’t need to interact with metamask so that mainstream users can be onboarded.

We also have integrated gasless transactions, users don’t need to pay for gas fees.

CryptoKen: This is what I mean @sandeepio ! Can you share to us a bit what this partnership is all about?

Jason: Seems Playcent is working great down the line. This is great!

CryptoKen: Woooah! This is something! ETH X

Srikanth Kishan || Will not dm you first: No gas any more.

Sandeep | Playcent: OroPocket is one of our early partners, we have been collaborating for a long time. Our initial collaboration was to create tokenized games and apps for the OpenDefi community. We have also integrated $ORO as a currency on Playcent platform.

CryptoKen: What are the benefits of OroPocket users and holders in the gaming platform of Playcent?

Sandeep | Playcent: Users can do In-app purchases on the playcent platform using $ORO, Influecers or brands can start accepting payment in $ORO tokens using the social token infrastructure we provide.

CryptoKen: $ORO and $PCNT to the moon!

Jason: So this is a win-win situation for $ORO and $PCNT, awesome.

CryptoKen: Moving on to our last question!

(Reminder : Community will be unmuted after this question. Be Ready!)

Here is the last question @sandeepio. What are the target milestones of Playcent in the next few 2-4 years?

Sandeep | Playcent: We started Playcent development in Q1 2020 and have been quite active since then. We have launched a beta version of the product with over 20 templates in Q3 2020.

Recently we have integrated a token ecosystem around our platform and we are currently in testnet (Matic chain). Here is our roadmap for the upcoming months

Our long term goal is  to democratize software development by allowing non-techies to easily create interactive apps, games, NFTs and other user generated content in minutes.

CryptoKen: We are looking forward to more developments very soon!

Are you ready for the community questions @sandeepio?

Give me a big yes! @sandeepio

Sandeep | Playcent: Excited to interact with the community.

CryptoKen: It will be your call

Awesome to hear! Unmuting now


Now we will be opening the chat for the community members to ask the questions.**

Hope you are ready for this!

Unmuting now!!


CryptoKen: I think it’s time @sandeepio

Sandeep: Wow overwhelmed.

CryptoKen: Take your time @sandeepio 

Everyone! Thank you for your support for this AMA! We are overwhelmed with your support.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone too.

Sandeep | Playcent: Yes, we are building  low code dApps templates, which helps non-techies to launch their own dApps quickly.


Playcent charges 5-10% transaction fees on all the payments on Playcent platform. Part of the transaction fee goes to the treasury where token holders govern the funds.

Total token supply is fixed. Currently, the token is not deflationary but through governance, the community can decide.

Token demand might  increase as the treasury funds grow and transactions on playcent platform increase.

CryptoKen: Games, mini apps, e-sport, polls, memes, All these different features I saw in just one platform, what is the mechanism behind coupling so many features together in one platform and will users be able to earn while they use these features?

Sandeep | Playcent: We will have a developer reward program, where independent developers will be adding new and unique templates to the playcent platform.

Srikanth Kishan || Will not dm you first: Hi ORO team and @sandeepio

@sandeepio It is great to see PLAYCENT evolving day by day but how easy is it for anyone to build on Playcent??

CryptoKen: Let me try this one! I’m not a non-techy guy.

Sandeep | Playcent: We are currently working on a creator kit. These are templates that allow creators to monetize and engage from their community.

We directly process the transaction between consumers to creators eliminating intermediaries.

Our NFT marketplace will be on Polygon, we have integrated gasless transactions and social logins. So creating NFTs will be as simple as posting a status update on facebook.

Jason: If there is 0 gas fee then How does PlayCent get profit? What are the features that distinguish #PlayCent From other similar applications? And What are your plans to expand & gain more adoption?

Sandeep | Playcent: We have lot coming up for $PCNT token holders:

Playcent charges 5-10% transaction fees on all the payments on Playcent platform.

Eg: users purchasing NFTs

Core features:

1: No code interfaces to launch your own dapps, games, NFTs.

2: Community governed platform that rewards it’s network participants based on their Activity.

(Gamers, Developers & Creators)

3: Creator tools that enable influencers to issue a social token and monetize using a creator kit.

Here is a quick start guide:

It takes less than 15 minutes to remix and launch your own apps and games.

CryptoKen: I just want to remind everyone that $PCNT on UniFarm is now 80% full! 🥳 Don’t miss out! 

Don’t forget to stake $PCNT and farm $ORO, $RAZOR, $HAPI, $APYS & $PCNT.

Sandeep | Playcent: Unifarm pool is about to be closed, with only 20% left, stake now:

Thanks for the opportunity and great interaction. For any further queries ping us at @playcentglobal

CryptoKen: Well the community round was really amazing! Thank you for all your support everyone 

Got to know a lot about the PLAYCENT and their upcoming milestones.

With this, we will end today’s AMA with the @sandeepio  – CEO * Co-Founder of Playcent. 

Thank you for your time @sandeepio , it was a pleasure having you with us today. 

Don’t forget to share the socials.

Sandeep | Playcent: Join our social channels for the latest updates.




Telegram group:

CryptoKen: Thank you again @sandeepio. Unmuting the chat now!!

Jason: Thank you for your time @sandeepio

Sandeep | Playcen: Thanks everyone

Srikanth Kishan || Will not dm you first: This was a splendid AMA…

THANK YOU @sandeepio

All the very best for PLAYCENT and team

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