Saving money in a systematic manner is not a child’s play. It is something as salient as your long-term goals. But when done perfectly, it secures your future. This is what Bitdroplet’s SIP feature is all about.

Bitdroplet is a secure and convenient platform powered by Bitbns to create long-term monetary goals for yourself. It allows you to invest via an SPP (Systematic Purchase Plan) and start saving your assets by investing in digital currencies. Now, in a traditional stock investment term, SPP is similar to a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

Followed by the recent partnership with OroPocket, Bitdroplet has announced the launch of SIP in tokenized Gold as well as Silver making the platform grow even stronger.

It’s great for the investors to build their portfolio and earn passive income while still having control of their holdings.

The Key Points of SIP

  • It is a risk management tool that is ultimately gaining a lot of popularity recently to make regular investments with a certain plan that protects you from an impulsive loss.
  • SIP is aimed at averaging the purchase and maximizing the returns.
  • With SIP, you can expect the long-term appreciation at a regular investment with no fear of a market crackdown.

Exclusive Offer for Bitdroplet Users

Keeping in view the significance of their user-assets, Bitdroplet is currently running an offer of 1-month free SIP for its 1000 XTZgold and XTZsilver SIP investors.

As part of the ongoing offer, users will be required to pay their instalments (without missing any) for 11 months in a row, following which the 12th-month instalment will be paid from Bitdroplet. The offer is valid for only first 1000 users of Bitdroplet.

Open DeFi

Open DeFi is a 100% asset-backed banking system that requires no insidious, hidden charges, not even those time-consuming processes that usually come with the traditional banking system. The tokens by Open DeFi are completely backed by real-world assets which are securely stored in Brinks Vault and 100% insured.




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