Gold has always been a good investment option for time immemorial since it carries a significant value within itself.

Today, Gold is one of the favourite investment choices for so many reasons. It has far less risk than stocks, acts as a hedge against inflation and diversifies your portfolio.

With the advent of Digital Gold, we have so many options to buy, sell or invest in Gold without a hassle.

Among the most popular choices, the very famous and widely preferred are Gold ETFs and OroPocket.

The two have really streamlined the process of investing, buying or selling Gold.

While they have so many things in common, certain aspects set them apart from each other.

And that’s what we’re going to discuss today!

Introduction to Gold ETFs & OroPocket

Gold ETFs

Gold ETF is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the domestic physical gold price. It acts like individual stocks and trades on an exchange in the same manner. The fund itself holds Gold derivative contracts which are backed by Gold. Thus, with ETFs, you don’t actually own any Gold.


OroPocket is a fractional investment platform that enables users to get control of their wealth. Using OroPocket, users can instantly buy & sell Gold. Investing in assets like Gold and Silver with OroPocket is as easy and quick as sending a text to someone. Not only this; here, all your transactions are recording on a decentralized ledger or Blockchain.

The Major Differences Between the Two

Investment Unit

  • The minimum Unit to buy Gold ETF is 1 Gram. So, when you’re buying Gold ETFs, you are bound to buy 1 Gram of Gold and pay the price required according to the market today.
  • On the other hand, buying Gold with OroPocket is quite efficient than any other investment option out there. Here, you can buy Gold for as low as 1 Cent, enabling you to accumulate Gold according to your budget during regular intervals.

Quality of Gold Offered

  • According to Economic Times, a Gold ETF is backed Gold of 99.95% fineness. Not only this, buying Gold ETFs doesn’t come with insurance.
  • At OroPocket, you never have to worry about the quality of Gold you’re investing in. We claim to offer you the 24K Gold with 99.99% purity, and that too is fully insured.

Owner of the Assets

  • Gold ETFs function somewhat identically to currency and stocks. The gold you put your money in here is always in the hands of someone else. Also, instead of gaining access to Physical Gold, all you receive here is a paper or online document declaring how much gold your investment is linked to.
  • OroPocket allows you to keep ownership of the gold you have invested in. We utilize blockchain technology to keep everything decentralized and giving complete ownership to the right person.

Hidden Charges

  • With Gold ETFs, you are most likely to hit by the charges for the entire life of your investment. Fees related to management and marketing are the constant expenses you’re supposed to deal with frequently. Also, the longer you hold Gold ETFs, the more money you’re going to lose by paying charges all the while.
  • It’s not the case with OroPocket. We charge a flat fee of 0.25% for every transaction. Apart from this, there’s no hidden fee that you have to pay for as long as you stay. For example, all the other expenses, Storage Fee, Registration Fee, etc., are covered by OroPocket itself.

Access to Your Gold Holdings

  • There are times when people have been denied access to their own Gold Holdings, putting significant risk on your gold investment.
  • OroPocket gives you complete freedom to claim your Gold in physical form. Not only this, you can even encash your Gold Holdings anytime, anywhere.

How to Start Gold Investing with OroPocket?

Investing in Digital Gold works as a hedge against inflation.

Everyone should invest in Gold at some point in time to reap the benefits in the coming time. OroPocket offers you an entirely new and unique way of investing in Gold in the safest environment than ever.

We’re going with the pace of the technology, and Blockchain is the decade’s best performing technology, building trust among the masses.

Join us by investing in Digital Gold for the budget that suits your pocket. Here’s the exclusive signup link for you: