Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Achieving financial freedom is no more dream job. The definitions of financial freedom undoubtedly are the same for everyone. It means investments, cash in hand, savings, to keep check of ins-outs of your earnings, and lifestyle selection. To many of us, to reach financial freedom is more like a task. For a few, it is a goal. Frankly speaking, financial freedom is a habit. Several things make us fail to achieve financial freedom. Things like unnecessary expenditure, debts, emergencies (e.g., lockdown due to COVID-19), and rest is our habits of not taking money seriously. By following a few healthy habits you can gain financial self-sustainability and prosperity in your life.

Few simple tips to achieve financial freedom

  • Save today for a better future. How much you save initially does not matter, but a small step will help you to build big in the future.
  • Adopt an affordable lifestyle. It will surely cut down your unnecessary expenditure.
  • Build a habit of maintaining a monthly budget and ritually follow it.
  • If you are in a situation of earning a good salary, then meet a financial advisor and start investing. The right investment always helps you in multiplying your money.
  • Get information about government schemes as they offer a good return. These schemes are a good option for the child’s education and your retirement.
  • Take care of all those things in which you have invested a considerable amount, e.g., car, home, electronics gadgets. Regular maintenance and proper care will improve their life as well as if you think to sell, then you will get good returns.
  • Invest in mutual funds, post office schemes as they are for a longer time. Also, schemes offering compound interest is one of the best options to grow money.
  • Engage yourself in Continuous Education and polish your skills. It is one of the safest ways to use money in the right place than wasting them on unnecessary things like drinking, shopping, parties, and such others.
  • Take good care of Your health. If you are fit and fine, you are saving a lot financially. In the present time to be sick is like throwing your lifetime savings at one time.
  • Concentrate on the things in hand. Do not be prey to distractions.
  • Ask a few questions to yourself, like what is my need? Do I need to spend on this thing? What alternatives I have for this need of mine? Are there any offers or discount sales if you are really in need of that thing? If you want that thing only once in your life, then better you borrow it or rent. Remember, there is no right price you get on reselling fashionable things.
  • To achieve financial freedom, take action right now.


Accepting reality will be able to give you financial freedom. You better start working on it from this point in time.