Never spend your money before you have earned it – Thomas Jefferson

Nowadays most peoples are determined to become financially savvy more about their savings and spending. How can a person become fianancially savvy.? All most of the time we spent money on purchasing something for which later we regret it. Isn’t it a choice that we do not have before spending on something? We always have, and we must inculcate this habit of think, be careful, and then purchase. You will find unnecessary expenditure on household items like electricity bills, mobile phones, broadband, packaged food, and grocery. Friends, in the future, there will be several other ailments like COVID-19, and every one of use must be ready to fight this financially. It is possible only through the best habits of savings if practiced ritually.

To retain your finances does not require any age, any qualification, or any reason. It just merely avoids the scrap and purchase only that is necessary. A habit of savings brings not only happiness but physical and mental well being too. So here is the question arises, how financially savvy are you? and here are the few tips to be financially savvy.

Few tips to be financially savvy.

  • Understand finance. You must know the cycle of money. How it comes and how it goes. Both the process is in your hand. Invest money at the places where you can get some more in return. Give some space in your mobile phone to the apps that track your spending records, e.g., Monzo- a digital online bank account.
  • Try to get your bank statements monthly. You must study these statements as they will guide you about the ins-out of money.
  • In the age of the internet to got digital is the best option. Going digital helps you in a lot way. It saves time; It saves traveling costs. It helps you to have concentrated transactions and no distraction. Also, most of the services if paid online gives bonus or rewards, which is again a good thing.
  • Hobbies and interest areas are also a means of earning money. Do not spend these extra earnings in parties or spending on friends unnecessarily. If you use them to learn new art or language, you are multiplying your skill, and this skill will help you to earn more. New skills will help you in your resume too.
  • Do not carry your debts to your coffin. Debts take away much money. Pay your debts on time.
  • Keep your money safe from some mobile apps which ask you to purchase a membership.
  • Use credit cards only if required. Credit cards are a good source of money in an emergency and not for everyday shopping or girl-friend/boyfriend shopping.
  • You must create your monthly budget and stick to it.


Whatever is your age, profession, passion, or financial condition, the only reality is that you must have budget and habits of savings to be stress-free. There are several websites to guide you on maintaining money. To help you create wealth. To keep track of your financial ins-outs. To be financially savvy, you must be smart to save enough

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