5 Essential Tips to Become Financially Savvy

Never spend your money before you have earned it – Thomas Jefferson

Nowadays most people are determined to become financially savvy more about their savings and spending. How can a person become financially savvy? Most of the time we spent money on purchasing something for which later we regret it. Isn’t it a choice that we do not have before spending on something? We always have, and we must inculcate this habit of thinking, be careful, and then purchase. You will find unnecessary expenditure on household items like electricity bills, mobile phones, broadband, packaged food, and grocery. Friends, in the future, there will be several other ailments like Covid-19, and every one of us must be ready to fight this financially. This is possible only through the best habit of savings if practiced ritually. 

It does not require any age, any qualification, or any reason to retain control of your finances. Instead of this, it merely avoids the scrap and purchase which is actually necessary. A habit of savings brings not only happiness but physical and mental well-being too. So here is the question that arises, are you financially savvy? If not, here are some amazing tips to get started with.

How to Be Financially Savvy?

Being financial savvy or “woke” is very important for anyone and everyone having money in their hands and looking for creating a better future for themselves out of it. In addition to supporting a bright future, being financially aware helps you in dealing the times of crisis and to figure out the best way to get out of your financial troubles. On that note, we are presenting some of the most important rules to be financially savvy that no one will tell you about.

1. Understand Finance

You must know the cycle of money. How it comes and how it goes. Both the process is in your hand. Invest money at the places where you can get some more in return. Give some space in your mobile phone to the apps that track your spending records, e.g., Monzo– a digital online bank account.

2. Go Digital

In the age of the internet getting digital is the best option. Going digital helps you in a lot of ways. It saves time and reduces travel costs. It helps you to have concentrated transactions and no distractions. Also, most of the services, if paid online, give bonuses and rewards, which can be redeemed to buy other services.

3. Plan a Budget

Plan a detailed budget for your monthly expenditure in terms of living costs, membership plans, and medical bills (if any). This helps you in knowing the amount of money that you can save and invest in assets. Also, planning a good budget may require great financial advice. This is where a financial advisor should come into the picture. A financial advisor helps you in directing your savings and investment money to the right kind of assets: the ones that offer compound interests or the ones that are sure to increase in value over time.

4. Analyze the Incomings and Outgoings

Try to get your bank statements monthly. You must study these statements as they will guide you about the ins-out of money. It is very necessary for you to keep a track of your credits and debits. Sometimes, we set auto-debit for services like memberships and investment plans. While auto-debit is a great way of not missing out on monthly installments for your investment plan, it may be leading to wastage of money in the case of memberships especially when you are not actually using the services of the membership. So, make sure you track the flow of money in and out of your bank account and eliminate the unnecessary expenditure to dedicate this money to savings or investments.

5. Never Stop Earning, Investing and Saving

Hobbies and interest areas are also a means of earning money. Do not spend these extra earnings on parties or spending on friends unnecessarily. If you use them to learn new art or language, you are multiplying your skill, and this skill will help you to earn more. New skills will help you in your resume too.

Now the world is rapidly evolving through digital means and all of us realize the importance of investments, a wide range of digital investment options have emerged in the investment ecosystem where people can invest in assets while sitting in their homes. One such example is digital gold and silver. Precious metals like gold and silver have always formed an indispensable part of our lives.

We have witnessed gold being valued for its beauty, ornamental value, monetary value, as well as religious importance. But for those who buy gold and silver just for the sake of investing their money, holding physical gold and silver can be a costly task. Therefore, OroPocket has come up with the best combination of gold and silver investments and digitization by introducing digital gold and digital silver. This means that people can now invest in gold and silver without worrying about their theft or hefty locker charges.

Lastly, saving your money frequently is an excellent step in being financially savvy. You can save money in many ways, like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, or the traditional piggy banks. It doesn’t really matter the way you choose to do it. Most importantly, having savings help you in protecting your living costs from getting drained due to an unforeseen event like a medical emergency.


Whatever is your age, profession, passion, or financial condition, the only reality is that you must have a budget and habits of saving money in order to be stress-free. Being financially savvy in one thing and implementing your knowledge is another. Therefore, you should always plan out your money matters and take the steps to implement them further. It is because your perfect finance strategy will help you reach financial freedom and finally enjoy your life without worrying about your daily expenses.