John: First and first most, we would like to start about introduction about UNIFARM especially introducing it to our newcomers coming from different project community members! Please @TheMohitMadan @TMittal

Mohit Madan: Unifarm is simply trying to create value for the ecosystem. Users can stake one token and earn a bunch of tokens as rewards. Our first pool was a massive success, and in our second pool we have DeFi superstars including MATIC, ZEE, NORD, TVK, ROUTE and ORO!

John: Superb! What are the inspirations and motivations that led you to design UNIFARM and how does it differ from other staking programs?

Tarusha Mittal: The difference is very simple โ€“

  • One place to stake multiple tokens
  • High APY
  • No market exposure
  • You stake one and farm many
  • Self-custodian wallet

It is a complete game changer especially with such amazing projects for the end user ๐Ÿ™‚

John: Can you share with us more about the upcoming plans or future rounds and new concepts for Unifarm? @TMittal @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: We’re working with several projects to launch multiple pools this month. Some of those pools will be on different chains (Matic, Binance, Huobi etc).

We’re working on additional gamification and innovation with whitelisting, referral program etc.

I’m confident that the second pool is going to be one of the best ones.

John: We have seen a great success with the 1st Cohort of Unifarm, with $415k locked tokens in just a matter of 20 minutes. One common problem that was raised from the community are the gas fees. What are your opinion about this and how can you address this problem? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Gas fee hurts everyone.

Zeroswap (@a17jain) and Dfyn (@Rsquare007) founders have been working on solving this problem for the industry.

With UniFarm we’re working on solving this problem in 3 ways โ€“

  • Whitelisting gamification framework
  • Launching pools on L2 and other chains
  • Optimizing the contract

John: What are the new features of Unifarm as it introduces Cohort 2 projects? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: There is a new and revamped UI, for better experience for all of our users. We have worked on the initial bugs.

The rest of it is pretty much the same – staking with ease! ๐Ÿ˜€

John: Thanks so much for the clarity in your answers, and congratulations on Unifarm Cohort 2! ๐ŸŽ‰

Let’s move on to questions from the projects joining, Nord Finance!

John: What are the long-term goals of Nord Finance? @amarnath_reddy

Shashwat Eternal: There are tons of DeFi projects in the space at the moment, what is the thing that makes NOrd stand out? @amarnath_reddy

Amarnath Reddy: TLDR: We are not just a single protocol, we are building a full pledged DeFi ecosystem and we are not limited to ethereum alone, our products will be multi chain compatible  

Our savings protocol is mostly like a yield aggregator. So you have many platforms around it. When it comes to our Robo advisory, there are no direct competitors to NORD as on today. The most unique thing about NORD Finance is our Robo advisory product which will give you customised portfolio based on your risk appetite and goals.

At Nord finance we wanted to build a user centric one stop solution for all the financial needs so that user donโ€™t need keep searching for different platforms and get onboarded on single platform. That motivates us to build our product portfolio very strong.

In simple terms, Nord is your fund manager. You have low risk appetite and looking for low return savings is for you. If you are little aggressive about your investments, our robo advisory will help you to make a portfolio accordingly.

To know more, kindly visit our website and read the medium articles.

John: How is interoperability achieved on Nord? @amarnath_reddy

Amarnath Reddy: Yes in simple terms we meant to be a cross chain Interoperable solution for the needs of users, by saying so we wanted to be one stop solution for user needs and provide access to different blockchain compatible DeFi protocols.


Designed as a unique combination of smart contracts to facilitate cross-chain transactions to enhance platformโ€™s utility and drive functionality. Therefore, there are two significant aspects to consider to implement the use-case of the protocol โ€“ atomic cross-chain swaps followed by cross-chain bridges.

The Atomic cross-chain swaps facilitate token exchange from one blockchain network to another.

In comparison, the cross-chain bridge serves as an instant transaction mechanism across different blockchain networks.

The Nord.Bridge mechanism allows connecting the ERC20 contracts to other compatible blockchain and side chains such as Binance Smart Chain, Matic Network, and others. The Nord.Bridge is designed to deliver the best of luck.Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for that @amarnath_reddy ! All the very best with Nord Finance! Rooting for you guys!

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