Master AMA Recap with Jawad Ashraf, CTO and Co-Founder at Terra Virtua

John: First and first most, we would like to start about introduction about UNIFARM especially introducing it to our newcomers coming from different project community members! Please @TheMohitMadan @TMittal

Mohit Madan: Unifarm is simply trying to create value for the ecosystem. Users can stake one token and earn a bunch of tokens as rewards. Our first pool was a massive success, and in our second pool we have DeFi superstars including MATIC, ZEE, NORD, TVK, ROUTE and ORO!

John: Superb! What are the inspirations and motivations that led you to design UNIFARM and how does it differ from other staking programs?

Tarusha Mittal: The difference is very simple –

  • One place to stake multiple tokens
  • High APY
  • No market exposure
  • You stake one and farm many
  • Self-custodian wallet

It is a complete game changer especially with such amazing projects for the end user 🙂

John: Can you share with us more about the upcoming plans or future rounds and new concepts for Unifarm? @TMittal @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: We’re working with several projects to launch multiple pools this month. Some of those pools will be on different chains (Matic, Binance, Huobi etc).

We’re working on additional gamification and innovation with whitelisting, referral program etc.

I’m confident that the second pool is going to be one of the best ones.

John: We have seen a great success with the 1st Cohort of Unifarm, with $415k locked tokens in just a matter of 20 minutes. One common problem that was raised from the community are the gas fees. What are your opinion about this and how can you address this problem? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Gas fee hurts everyone.

Zeroswap (@a17jain) and Dfyn (@Rsquare007) founders have been working on solving this problem for the industry.

With UniFarm we’re working on solving this problem in 3 ways –

  • Whitelisting gamification framework
  • Launching pools on L2 and other chains
  • Optimizing the contract

John: What are the new features of Unifarm as it introduces Cohort 2 projects? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: There is a new and revamped UI, for better experience for all of our users. We have worked on the initial bugs.

The rest of it is pretty much the same – staking with ease! 😀

John: Thanks so much for the clarity in your answers, and congratulations on Unifarm Cohort 2! 🎉

Let’s move on to questions from the projects joining, Terra Virtua!

John: What is $TVK used for? @jawadash

Jawad Ashraf:   Ok, basically will be used for staking programs. Jawad Ashraf, loyalty programs and also pool participation programs. The idea is you can join different types of level in our prestige, and earn exclusive NFTs and also rewards, that are unique to us. As we have partnerships with multiple brands, and their support, we can create the types of rewards never seen before in this space and the upcoming pools will allow people to invest what they are interested in, and earn different rewards which include USDT, TVK, NFTS, percentage of revenues.

Shashwat Eternal: Where do you see the digital collectible niche in the next decade around the blockchain space? @jeffholmberg

Jeff Holmberg: @ShashwatEternal, I am a big believer in that we see a big push to tokenization in the gaming, art, and collectibles space.  Over the past year we have seen a boom for additional use cases for NFTs such as staking, farming, and even indexing!  These features offer much more than just owning an item, and will present a very attractive scenario to find a multitude of ways to engage with their collectibles.

John: We are aware that Terra Virtua has its own application, yet how does the team encourage anyone to use it? @jawadash

Jawad Ashraf: As mentioned in our introduction, we have offer 3 unique experiences for our collectors to view and showcase their collectibles.  These are the Fan Cave (a true collectors room feel to it), the Terra Dome (for much larger figurines, cars, ships, etc.), and our newly released Art Gallery.  The ability to use these features are completely free for users!  In our most recent developer update this month, we have announced full interoperability is on its way, so users will be able to include their collections from pre-Terra Virtua days into their collection areas.  We believe that viewership, enjoyment, and social interaction is a large portion of the collector’s market, and offer a bonus of adding in VR/AR elements.

Shashwat Eternal: It was awesome to hear about Terra Virtua from you @jawadash @jeffholmberg!

Completely agree on the collectible space—NFT future. 🙌 So glad you joined Unifarm Cohort 2!

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