Master AMA Recap with Matic Network, Nord Finance, Router Protocol, Terra Virtua, Zeroswap and UniFarm

Master AMA

John: Hello and Good Evening Everyone!

Welcome to the first ever Master AMA initiated by $ORO OroPocket for our Unifarm Cohort 2!  🎉 @arjunkalsy @a17jain @Rsquare007 @jawadash @amarnath_reddy.

Mohit Madan:   Super excited for the AMA. Glad to be sharing the stage with @Rsquare007 @amarnath_reddy @jawadash @arjun and @a17jain and of course my co-founder @TMittal.

John: Thank you for all the representatives from Unifarm Cohort 2 in joining us with this Master AMA! We are very glad that you are here!

I would like to introduce each project joining us in Cohort 2 and their respective representatives! 🥳

Tarusha Mittal: Hey Everyone, I am Tarusha, the cofounder of OpenDeFi and Unifarm. We are super excited to be doing this AMA with all the representatives of the team members for the second farm. 🥳🥳🔥🥳

Mohit Madan: Hey everyone, I’m Mohit Madan, CEO and co-founder of OroPocket. Money flows through OroPocket. We’re thrilled to introduce the second cohort of Unifarm with DeFi and Crypto Giants like Zeroswap, Matic, Terra Virtua, Nord, Router and ORO!

Arjun Kalsy: Hey Everyone, I’m Arjun and I head growth at Polygon (previously Matic Network) Stoked to be here with all the awesome members of the farm!

Mohit Madan: Over to you guys for intro @jawadash @a17jain @Rsquare007 @amarnath_reddy

Aayushi Jain:  Hey Everyone, I am Aayushi, Co-Founder and Coo of Zeroswap, right now fully focused on solving on-chain problems with DEXes, gas fee and trade fee. Zeroswap is a multi-chain compatible decentralised exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We are aiming to make on-chain trading simple and easy, by providing access to multi-chains like ethereum, BSC, Polkadot under one roof. The core product is being designed to function gasless and focusing on aggregating liquidity from multiple protocols.

Ramani Ram: Great. Thank you. This is Ramani Ramachandran, co-founder/CEO at Router Protocol. We aim to seamlessly aggregate liquidity across Layer-1 and Layer-2 chains, using existing bridges across Matic, Eth, Ava, Polka etc.

Amarnath Reddy: Thank you guys, hey everyone I am Amarnath Reddy, CEO and Co-founder of @NordFinance an Advanced Decentralized Finance Ecosystem. Nice to meet you all! Happy to share our savings v1 protocol audit is completed today

John: TERRA VIRTUA is an entertainment-focused collectibles platform. Using blockchain technology, it provides utility by allowing collectors of digital assets to display and interact with their virtual goods in PC, Web, Mobile and Augmented Reality. Leveraging the latest in mobile and gaming technologies, their mission is to engage and connect fan-based user communities.

Joining us this evening are two gentlemen,

Jawad Ashraf, Founding CTO

A technology innovation focused entrepreneur, over a period of 30 years. Led the technical transformation of the Entertainer Dubai, leading to a 100m USD exit. Jawad is an effective leader with hands on development experience of managing teams globally.

Jeff Holmberg, Chief Strategy Officer

A Wall St. veteran from both Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Business Data provider for fantasy sports for Draftkings and Fanduel. Former Head of Partnerships at OpenSea.

Jawad Ashraf: Hey Everyone!

Jeff Holmberg: Hello everyone, my name is Jeff Holmberg and I am Chief Strategy Officer here at Terra Virtua. Terra Virtua is an immersive collectibles platform that is driven by both VR and AR experiences.  We focus on the “what next” with collectibles by offering users three ways to uniquely showcase their digital collectibles.  This is done in our Fan Cave, Terra Dome, and our newly released Art Gallery.  We have some of the biggest partners in the entertainment industry, such as Legendary Films, Paramount Pictures, and Pacific Rim, to name a few.

John: Thank you very much everyone for your introduction. It’s so nice to hear from you all your projects and what you have obtained from your experiences!

First and first most, we would like to start about introduction about UNIFARM especially introducing it to our newcomers coming from different project community members! Please @TheMohitMadan @TMittal

Mohit Madan: Unifarm is simply trying to create value for the ecosystem. Users can stake one token and earn a bunch of tokens as rewards. Our first pool was a massive success, and in our second pool we have DeFi superstars including MATIC, ZEE, NORD, TVK, ROUTE and ORO!

John: Superb! What are the inspirations and motivations that led you to design UNIFARM and how does it differ from other staking programs?

Tarusha Mittal: The difference is very simple –

  • One place to stake multiple tokens
  • High APY
  • No market exposure
  • You stake one and farm many
  • Self-custodian wallet

It is a complete game changer especially with such amazing projects for the end user 🙂

John: Can you share with us more about the upcoming plans or future rounds and new concepts for Unifarm? @TMittal @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: We’re working with several projects to launch multiple pools this month. Some of those pools will be on different chains (Matic, Binance, Huobi etc).

We’re working on additional gamification and innovation with whitelisting, referral program etc.

I’m confident that the second pool is going to be one of the best ones.

John: We have seen a great success with the 1st Cohort of Unifarm, with $415k locked tokens in just a matter of 20 minutes. One common problem that was raised from the community are the gas fees. What are your opinion about this and how can you address this problem? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Gas fee hurts everyone.

Zeroswap (@a17jain) and Dfyn (@Rsquare007) founders have been working on solving this problem for the industry.

With UniFarm we’re working on solving this problem in 3 ways –

  • Whitelisting gamification framework
  • Launching pools on L2 and other chains
  • Optimizing the contract

John: What are the new features of Unifarm as it introduces Cohort 2 projects? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: There is a new and revamped UI, for better experience for all of our users. We have worked on the initial bugs.

The rest of it is pretty much the same – staking with ease! 😀

John: Thanks so much for the clarity in your answers, and congratulations on Unifarm Cohort 2! 🎉

Let’s move on to questions from the projects joining, starting from Polygon!

Arjun Kalsy: Let’s go!

John: We would like to start with Polygon, @arjunkalsy

Arjun Kalsy: The crypto industry observed the project name has recently changed to Polygon, please why has the team decided to do so at this time?

We have rebranded ourselves from Matic Network to Polygon.

We did this as we have now expanded our scope and vision and now want to build the internet of blockchains for the Ethereum ecosystem. Matic Network was conceived in 2017 to solve for the scalability issues holding back the mass adoption of Ethereum. The way forward was provided through the use of the Plasma technology to build a Layer-2 on top of the Layer-1 chain. However, the space continued to evolve and today we have many Layer-2 techniques like Optimistic Rollups, ZK Rollups etc. each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

We realised that the if we have to build the platform of the future, we need to create a layer which will allow the use of multiple scaling techniques thereby giving the developer, maximum flexibility possible when it came to creating dApps. To visualise, think of a system with Ethereum at its core and a layer around it, which is the Polygon SDK, which allows for multiple scaling techniques to be used, thereby extending the Ethereum ecosystem and allowing it scale like never before.

The name Polygon, an n-sided figure which can fit any shape or size, seemed fitting for this endeavour.

We will now continue to develop our production ready technology, which is our hybrid Plasma-POS chain and build new features and tooling around it. To build these new features and our ecosystem, we have on-boarded some great advisors like Anthony Sassano, John Lilic, Ray Sean Adams to help us.

Our token, governance and core team remains the same.

You can read more about it here: –

Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for the insight Arjun! Let’s move now to Nord Finance!

Arjun Kalsy: Thanks!

Amarnath Reddy: Great!

John: What are the long-term goals of Nord Finance? @amarnath_reddy

Shashwat Eternal: There are tons of DeFi projects in the space at the moment, what is the thing that makes Nord stand out? @amarnath_reddy

Amarnath Reddy: TLDR: We are not just a single protocol, we are building a full pledged DeFi ecosystem and we are not limited to Ethereum alone, our products will be multi chain compatible  

Our savings protocol is mostly like a yield aggregator. So you have many platforms around it. When it comes to our Robo advisory, there are no direct competitors to NORD as on today. The most unique thing about NORD Finance is our Robo advisory product which will give you customised portfolio based on your risk appetite and goals.

At nord finance we wanted to build a user centric one stop solution for all the financial needs so that user dont need keep searching for different platforms and get onboarded on single platform. That motivates us to build our product portfolio very strong.

In simple terms, Nord is your fund manager. You have low risk appetite and looking for low return savings is for you. If you are little aggressive about your investments, our robo advisory will help you to make a portfolio accordingly.

To know more, kindly read our medium articles here.

Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for that @amarnath_reddy! All the very best with Nord Finance! Rooting for you guys!

Let’s move now to ZeroSwap!

John: First question for Zero Swap. 🤙

What is the underlying protocol behind Zero Swap? @a17jain

Aayushi Jain: Hey, So Zeroswap is a multichain protocol, so we will provide access to multichains like Binance smart chain, and etheruum, elrond, polka under one roof. We are primarily an aggregator of DEXes, so will pool in liquidity from all existing liquidity providers, and let users trade at best rates, with no trade fee, and gasless transactions.

Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for the answers and Congrats on ZeroSwap’s rapid rise, @a17jain!

It was wonderful hearing from you and welcome to UniFarm Cohort 2!

The next project we will hear from is Terra Virtua! @jawadash

John: What is $TVK used for? @jawadash

Jawad Ashraf: Ok, basically will be used for staking programs. jawad ashraf, loyalty programs and also pool participation programs. The idea is you can join different types or level in our prestige, and earn exclusive NFTs and also rewards, that are unique to us. As we have partnerships with multiple brands, and their support, we can create the types of rewards never seen before in this space and the upcoming pools will allow people to invest what they are interested in, and earn different rewards this include usdt, tvk, nfts, percentage of revenues.

Shashwat Eternal: Where do you see the digital collectible niche in the next decade around the blockchain space? @jeffholmberg

Jeff Holmberg: @ShashwatEternal, I am a big believer in that we see a big push to tokenization in the gaming, art, and collectibles space.  Over the past year we have seen a boom for additional use cases for NFTs such as staking, farming, and even indexing!  These features offer much more than just owning an item, and will present a very attractive scenario to find a multitude of ways to engage with their collectibles.

Shashwat Eternal: It was awesome to hear about Terra Virtua from you @jawadash @jeffholmberg!

Completely agree on the collectible space—NFT future. 🙌

So glad you joined Unifarm Cohort 2!

The next project we will hear from is Router Protocol! @Rsquare007

John: Why should someone consider Router Protocol as a place to farm? @Rsquare007

Ramani Ram: Maybe I will rephrase the question as what makes Route token valuable. So, there are the usual tokenomics, hygiene factors such as low circulation, slow vesting for team etc. purely from a token perspective but the real question is how Router Protocol wants to go about the vision of building a sort of a 1inch but across chains.

The ROUTE token model has been designed so that the community is engaged and rewarded in the long term. The unlocking schedule puts the team at last to ensure the team is long-term committed to the project. There will be no team vesting for 9 months! We are here to play the long game and will do everything for long term success of Router. From a governance perspective, we are planning to unlock certain innovative features such as cross chain governance. Given that Router will be seamlessly connecting liquidity across Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, there is actually the possibility of a ‘governance-right’ market place emerging. Route token holders will have the ability to participate in this as well, in addition to of course, having a say in the long-term direction of the project.

hashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for the insight on Router Protocol, so happy to have you join UniFarm Cohort 2!

Let’s now move on to the architects of this all, OpenDeFi!🙌

John: First question: For simplicity sake, what is the connection between traditional finance and OpenDefi? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: Traditional finance and DeFi have to coexist, we are essentially creating a bridge between real world assets that users already understand and offering financial services on top of these assets, making these investments highly liquid.

We are offering, flash loans, staking rewards, an asset backed card, yields on investments.

OpenDeFi is a positive sum game, these assets are redeemable, in nature.

We are live with Gold and Silver. Our testnet is live and mainnet is expected super soon!

Shashwat Eternal: Can you please tell us the motivation behind this newly launched project, UniFarm? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Unifarm was born out of necessity.

With DeFi being on rise, we wanted to create a tool that could enable all stakeholders to create value.

Investors can stake and earn handsome APY with rewards from awesome projects.

Projects can get a wider reach and create long term holders.

It’s win-win for everyone involved. 🙂

John: What are the future plans of OpenDefi, at least for the next 2 years? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: A lot more asset classes would be added to the platform, and with some amazing partners on board, we would be able to create a platform wherein users would be able to preserve and create wealth – be more in control of their finances. It is super exciting – think of features which would be akin to banking services on blockchain. Financial freedom for all.

Shashwat Eternal: With UniFarm there have been a flurry of partnerships and close associations formed with 9 projects!

That’s astounding, might we ask how you plan to top this all?

What is next for UniFarm? Cohort 3? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Yes, this month we will launch a bunch of cohorts.

We’re working closely with Matic, Binance to launch pools on different chains to save fees and give exposure to projects building on them.

Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much Mohit and Tarusha! This has been an AMAZING session with founders from 6 different projects.




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