UniFarm Cohort 2: Master AMA Recap with Ramani Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder at Router Protocol

Master AMA Recap with Router Protocol

John: First and first most, we would like to start about introduction about UNIFARM especially introducing it to our newcomers coming from different project community members! Please @TheMohitMadan @TMittal

Mohit Madan: Unifarm is simply trying to create value for the ecosystem. Users can stake one token and earn a bunch of tokens as rewards. Our first pool was a massive success, and in our second pool we have DeFi superstars including MATIC, ZEE, NORD, TVK, ROUTE and ORO!

John: Superb! What are the inspirations and motivations that led you to design UNIFARM and how does it differ from other staking programs?

Tarusha Mittal: The difference is very simple –

  • One place to stake multiple tokens
  • High APY
  • No market exposure
  • You stake one and farm many
  • Self-custodian wallet

It is a complete game changer especially with such amazing projects for the end user 🙂

John: Can you share with us more about the upcoming plans or future rounds and new concepts for Unifarm? @TMittal @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: We’re working with several projects to launch multiple pools this month. Some of those pools will be on different chains (Matic, Binance, Huobi etc).

We’re working on additional gamification and innovation with whitelisting, referral program etc.

I’m confident that the second pool is going to be one of the best ones.

John: We have seen a great success with the 1st Cohort of Unifarm, with $415k locked tokens in just a matter of 20 minutes. One common problem that was raised from the community are the gas fees. What are your opinion about this and how can you address this problem? @TheMohitMadan

Mohit Madan: Gas fee hurts everyone.

Zeroswap (@a17jain) and Dfyn (@Rsquare007) founders have been working on solving this problem for the industry.

With UniFarm we’re working on solving this problem in 3 ways –

  • Whitelisting gamification framework
  • Launching pools on L2 and other chains
  • Optimizing the contract

John: What are the new features of Unifarm as it introduces Cohort 2 projects? @TMittal

Tarusha Mittal: There is a new and revamped UI, for better experience for all of our users. We have worked on the initial bugs.

The rest of it is pretty much the same – staking with ease! 😀

John: Thanks so much for the clarity in your answers, and congratulations on Unifarm Cohort 2! 🎉

Let’s move on to questions from the projects joining, Router Protocol!

John: Why should someone consider Router Protocol as a place to farm? @Rsquare007

Ramani Ram: Maybe I will rephrase the question as what makes Route token valuable. So, there are the usual tokenomics, hygiene factors such as low circulation, slow vesting for team etc etc purely from a token perspective but the real question is how Router Protocol wants to go about the vision of building a sort of a 1inch but across chains.

The ROUTE token model has been designed so that the community is engaged and rewarded in the long term. The unlocking schedule puts the team at last to ensure the team is long-term committed to the project. There will be no team vesting for 9 months! We are here to play the long game and will do everything for long term success of Router. From a governance perspective, we are planning to unlock certain innovative features such as crosschain governance. Given that Router will be seamlessly connecting liquidity across Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, there is actually the possibility of a ‘governance-right’ market place emerging. Route token holders will have the ability to participate in this as well, in addition to of course, having a say in the long-term direction of the project

Shashwat Eternal: What perks should your community expect on the Router Protocol platform in the future? @Rsquare007

Ramani Ram: Bunch of partnerships coming including some of the biggest names, some investment news as well. In addition, we are targeting testnet by late Q1 and mainnet by late Q2. Keep in mind these are all developments across the Router Protocol infra as well as specific nodes such as Dfyn on Matic as well as other partner venues.

There are also upcoming listings across exchanges in due course naturally.

Shashwat Eternal: Can you please clarify the circulating and total supply of $ROUTE token please?

Ramani Ram: Yes, we are working with Coingecko on fixing this. Because we wanted to make sure we use Layer 2 to do this, and have all this info on Matic, there is a bit of a delay in having Coingecko tap into these feeds, but we are almost done with this process and with CG and CMC will have updated info as early as next week. Total supply is 20 m, circulating supply I think is around 1.25m.

And keep in mind this is before any token on the DFYN node, where there could be retrospective Uni style airdrops.

Shashwat Eternal: Thanks so much for the insight on Router Protocol, so happy to have you join UniFarm Cohort 2!

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