OroPocket vs Other Digital Gold Investment Platforms: Which is Better?

Tens of digital gold investment platforms have now emerged in the market. As we all know Gold is an ideal store of wealth for centuries due to its unique attributes like being highly liquid, scarce in nature, and uncorrelated with other assets. Nowadays there are lots of online digital gold investment platforms enabling users to invest in digital gold.

Investing through digital gold investment platforms helped investors during inflation and in the long term, the value of Gold grows as well.

In today’s time, many investors are now investing in gold and other precious metals. Over the last decade investing in gold is become easier due to the invention of technology. There are now many online digital gold investment platforms and mobile apps with the help of these investments in digital gold are now much easier and hassle-free.

Choosing the right digital gold investment platform is an important step. You need to understand each platform’s offering and the benefits you will get as a user.

What are Digital Gold Investment Platforms?

Digital gold investment platforms enable you to accumulate pure gold infractions at any time and from anywhere with the help of the internet. Nowadays there are lots of web apps and mobile apps that enable the user to invest in digital gold with ease. All these platforms have their pros and cons. We will explore these by one.

Why OroPocket?

OroPocket is an exclusive alternative investment platform, which enables you to invest in not only just Gold but it also offers you other digital assets to invest in. Apart from Gold, you can invest in silver as well. Because Gold is for the king and silver is for the rich. OroPocket is an exclusive platform to take control of your finances and grow your wealth.

While other platforms are not an exclusive platform that deals in investment in precious metals. They are offering digital gold as secondary options to their users. They had made a partnership with MMTC PAMP or Augmont for offering digital gold for their users.


On OroPocket all transactions are pseudonymously recorded on the blockchain. This way anyone can instantly see and verify their orders. Since we’re dealing with fractional investment instruments, auditing plays a key role to build trust for the investors. Complete vault holdings of OroPocket are now on the blockchain, and anyone can independently verify the integrity of the holdings. While other platform doesn’t provide this type of transparency to their users.

Pricing: OroPocket vs Other Digital Gold Investment Platforms

Pricing is the main factor in any investment instrument. At Oropocket you will get the least price to buy precious metals and the least difference while selling these assets. How are we providing the best price as compared to other platforms? It is because, our assets are stored abroad around the globe in London, Switzerland, and Singapore. For example, Gold in the UK is almost 10-25% cheaper than gold in India.

While other platforms like PayTM, Safe Gold, PhonePay, GooglePay, etc had partnerships with MMTC PAMP and Augmont. So, their price is higher than Oropocket.

So, with OroPocket you will get more Gold with the exact same quality as MMTC and Augmont.

Investing Options

OroPocket provides you more options to be smarter about your wealth. Apart from Gold, you can invest in silver as well and we are working on bringing more digital instruments where you can invest instantly.

While other platforms were providing only gold in their platform, none of them are providing silver where users can invest. These platforms were offering gold as a secondary option to invest. Generally, the options you get are related to a mutual fund where investment depends on market risk.

Fees: OroPocket vs Other Digital Gold Investment Platforms

At OroPocket there is a flat fee of 0.25% of every transaction. There is no extra fee like a storage fee. All the costs will be carried by OroPocket. So with a flat fee for buying and selling, users need not be worried about other fees.

While in other platforms if you are buying gold from SafeGold using PhonePe, then it is likely that you might have to pay storage charges.

You can buy gold or silver with a minimum of 1 Re as compared to other platforms where there is a difference in which you have to buy a minimum of Re 1 to Rs 1000, it changes from platform to platform. Over Safegold The minimum amount of purchase is Rs 10 and in the case of the Gold Savings Plan, a customer has to invest in at least Rs 100 worth of gold.

With Oropocket you can buy/sell the assets at any time, while on other platforms you cannot buy and sell on the same day.

The Difference in Buy/sell Price

Let’s compare the real-time gold buy/sell price.

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With this quick overview, OroPocket has the least difference in buy/sell price, and with the same amount, you will get more gold as compared to other platforms.

Gifting Option

Over OroPocket you can send digital gold and digital silver to other persons with a click of a button. Only a few other platforms have a feature of sending gold, while most of the platforms only have a buy/sell feature.

Users: OroPocket vs Other Digital Gold Investment Platforms

Over OroPocket any person around the globe can join the platform.

While other platforms like Paytm, Phone Pe, Safegold, Augmont, etc are available for Indian citizens only.

Exclusive Feature

Oropocket is coming up with a Visa card for its users in which they can spend the gold holdings in real-time over POS and withdraw the money from ATM as well. None of the Other platforms is offering this type of service to its users.


Allocating digital gold in your investment portfolio is much required to fight against inflation. There are various gold-based investment is available in the market, buyers need to choose the best as per their requirement and evaluate their financial goals before investing in digital gold. With this short overview comparison of the digital gold investment platform, you will be now able to choose the right platform offering maximum features at the right price.