Progress Recap: A Look at OpenDeFi in April 2021

Here we are with the monthly update from OpenDeFi. Needless to say that April proved to be the month of announcements.

We had countless announcements starting from $ORO coming to BSC to partnering with Pandora Finance.

A lot has happened in the last month. We’ll help you keep track of everything in one place.

Sit tight, and let’s get started with our Progress Recap for April 2021!

$ORO Comes to Binance Smart Chain

$ORO is now on Binance Smart Chain too.

This is now the good news for everyone who is the part of OroPocket community.

Gas fees has been the major issue for the individuals so far, resulting which we have tied up with Binance Smart Chain to resolve the issue.

Now, gas fee won’t be the issue for you any longer. Moreover, this tie up makes $ORO available for Binance community as well.

Check more details here.

$ORO Gets Listed on PancakeSwap

After announcing that $ORO is coming to Binance Smart Chain, we are proud to announce that $ORO has been added to PancakeSwap.

Now, with $ORO getting listed on PancakeSwap and Liquidity being added, the issue has been resolved. And, we feel proud to inform you that the gas fee is not going to hurt our users anymore.

To know more, click here.

Move $ORO Tokens to BSC

Following the announcements for bridging to Binance Smart Chain, we came up with this guide to help you swap your ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 seamlessly avoiding extra charges that you might have to pay using usual methods.

Check the blog to learn the entire process here.

“How To Invest 101” Course

Everyone wants to invest, not everyone does.

The reason is Lack of Knowledge, and the less exposure to the learning sources.

If this sounds familiar with you, then we heard you.

For those, to whom investment seemed scary, we’ve simplified everything with our HOW TO INVEST 101 Course.

✅ Simple Language
✅ Start from the Basics
✅ Build over Time

UniFarm Listing Airdrop

With over $10 million USD of Total Value Locked (TVL), and successfully closing IDO launches on Duckstarter, Poolz, LaunchPool and Zendit within minutes, we had another big day.

Simply Hold $ORO tokens to earn $UFARM tokens for free!

$ORO is the governance token for OpenDeFi by OroPocket. Whatever action we take within the OroPocket ecosystem is ultimately leading towards building an economy for $ORO.

Thus, it is vital for us to capture value of $UFARM tokens in $ORO.

And it comes along with numerous advantages for the investors.

Click here to read more.

OpenDeFi Ambassador Program is Entry Re-Opened

After major announcements throughout the month of April, we are excited to take the OpenDeFi community to the next level by re-opening entries to our OpenDeFi Ambassadors program.

We got huge response for the Ambassadors program and received so many applications.

Partnership with Paralink Network

OpenDeFi and Paralink Network announced a strategic partnership to offer a variety of DeFi solutions to the audience across the world.

With this new partnership between the two, we demonstrate a shared commitment to unlock the full potential of Decentralized Finance by integrating Paralink’s multi-chain oracles under the OpenDeFi consortium.

What value this partnership brings to the end user? Click here to find the answer!

Partnership with Pandora Finance

OpenDeFi is pleased to have partnered with Pandora Finance. This partnership is meant to unlock the full potential of Pandora’s middle-ware liquidity solution along with a cross-chain transaction feature to tokenized assets on OroPocket.

Click here to read more about the partnership.

Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed keeping track of all the major happenings at OpenDeFi by OroPocket in the Month of April 2021.

Stay Tuned! There’s more underway!