Progress Recap: OpenDeFi, 2021

As the very first month of the new year 2021 came to a close, it’s a good time to look at some milestones hit by OpenDeFi.

Looking back to the milestones achieved in the first month, we have come up with a Progress Recap to share our progress with you.

It was an exciting month, so let’s dive in!

The Major Announcement of the Month

OpenDeFi made many announcements, and many came to be true by the end of the month.

Let’s begin with UniFarm!

The Launch of UniFarm

Late on January 28th, 2021, we made an announcement of our new project – UniFarm—that came to be true on February 3rd, 2021.

UniFarm is a one of its kind staking platform powered by OroPocket, wherein 5 of the most renowned projects are taking part for the first cohort. The 5 projects include:

The best part of the platform is:

Here you stake any one or more token and get to farm all of the others.

You can read more about the project here.

Partnership Announcements

Partnership with Unos Finance

We announced a strategic partnership with Unos Finance, under which:

  • Users will be able to borrow and lend against ORO tokens
  • $ORO will be listed on the Unos platform
  • This partnership will also work on farming protocols.

Read more here.

Partnership with Reef Finance

And there was another partnership between OpenDeFi and Reef Finance.

Reef Finance is better recognized for being the first cross-chain DeFi operating system based on Polkadot. With its seamless UI, Reef offers its users a smart liquidity aggregator as well as Reef Yield Engine.

Followed by the partnership, we could work on broadening the scope of DeFi audience. What this partnership brings along?

  • OpenDeFi Real World Tokenised Assets are now available on Reef Investment platform
  • OpenDeFi’s Loan Functionalities and Yield Generation too available to Reef users
  • $REEF is going to find a place in OpenDeFi’s asset classes in a later stage

Explore of this far-seeing partnership here.

Other Major Milestones

$ORO Got Listed on ChangeNOW

$ORO is reaching more and more users via multiple platforms. Following the listing of $ORO on various exchanges, the token is now available on ChangeNOW.

From January 14th, 2021, $ORO became available for purchase on ChangeNOW, resulting which users were able to swap $ORO with other digital currencies.

ChangeNOW simply allows you to swap any of the digital currency listed on the exchange for any another currency available.

Read more here.

AMA Session with tehMoonwaLkeRs

There was an AMA session with one of the most renowned crypto community better known with the name tehMoonwaLkeR. The session, went live on the January 2nd, 2021, was joined by Ms. Tarusha Mittal and Mr. Mohit Madan from OpenDeFi.

The AMA settled to be very engaging and interactive. A lot of questions were answered were there hurling around the session, most of them being from the moderators, crypto community and Decentralized Finance.

Check the entire session here.

Joint AMA with Unos Finance

Followed by the announcement of our strategic partnership with Unos Finance, we went on an AMA session on January 8th, 2021. The AMA was organized by the Moonhunters Crypto Community.

This time again, the session was made interesting by the presence of OpenDeFi co-founders, Tarusha Mittal and Mohit Madan.

The discussion topics of the session included –

  • The joint collaboration between OpenDeFi and Unos Finance
  • The services being provided for driving mainstream adoption

Launching SPP with Bitdroplet

Bitdroplet, powered by Bitbns, is a secure way to achieve long-term monetary goals. Here, you can start saving your assets by investing in SIPs for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

As part of our long-term partnership with Bitbns, OpenDeFi assets were made available for their SIP feature called Bitdroplet.

With this new launch, Bitdroplet investors are now able to also set up SIPs in OpenDeFi Gold and Silver.

They can invest in XTZGod & XTZSilver tokens using INR or USDT. Here, the SPP (Systematic Purchase Plan) is provided to the investors so they can avoid timing risk.

Key Points to Remember:

  • SPP allows you to safely make regular investment avoiding the impulsive loss
  • It aims to maximize the return and average the purchase price

Community Call

There was a community open call on Zoom that took place on January 11th, 2021.

The people who joined the discussion included the co-founders, the members of the internal team and OpenDeFi enthusiasts who made the discussion engaged and amazing.

Many questions were answered, suggestions made, decisions taken, and most of all, there was a lot to learn from one another.

Meme Contest Winners Announced

Many must be aware of the contest we ran on the occasion of Christmas last year. We got an overwhelming response for the contest, and it was pretty hard to find the 5 winners for the contest.

The top 5 winners of the contest got a chance to share $250 worth of $ORO tokens.

Check the full post here.

Wrap Up!

Hope you enjoyed keeping track of all the major happenings at OpenDefi! Stay tuned; we have February already underway!