Progress Recap: A Look At OpenDeFi in July 2021

With July now behind us, we’ve had a couple of fantastic activities on OpenDeFi, and we’ve made significant progress on the fundamentals.

We’ve been steadily progressing towards building the project, the team and the community since we partnered with TribeOne for making OpenDeFi assets usable on their platform via SIP model.

We’ll help you keep track of everything in one place with our monthly recap.

Take a seat, and let’s get started with our July 2021 Progress Recap!

Announcing The Meme Competition Winners

Following our earlier announcement for the Meme Competition, we had final announced our winners for the competition via Twitter.

There were 15 more winners who had won $15 each.

Team Building Activity

We had a wonderful time with the OroPocket team while playing games and asking questions to one another.

Emotional Wellness Program

A great mind is required for great work. This Emotional Wellness Program came up with several go-to stress-relief technique for every team member at OroPocket.

Asia Innovation Summit 2021

OroPocket co-founders, Mohit Madan and Tarusha Mittal, were invited for a panel discussion at the Asia Innovation Summit 2021.

The two gave an insightful view to the three pillars of the tech world – BlockchainAI/ML and Internet of Things.

The event was a month long, happening every day with different speakers from across the world. 40+ speakers took part in live conference at regular intervals.

If you somehow missed on the interactive session, here’s link for you.

Partnership with TribeOne

OpenDeFi is excited to announce its collaboration with TribeOne, an advanced AI-powered NFT and DeFi funding platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns on Crypto).

This partnership is meant to open up new avenues of growth for both OpenDeFi as well as TribeOne in the international markets.

OpenDeFi, with this collaboration, aims to expand its user base and AUM for its real-world assets. In addition, we will be assisting TribeOne in offering a diversified investment strategy to their users.

To know more about the partnership, click here.

Partnership with DeFi11

OpenDeFi is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with DeFi11, the world’s first DEFI powered decentralized gaming ecosystem.

DeFi11 is a DeFi-powered decentralized gaming ecosystem built on top of Matic Blockchain. The platform aims to establish ethical standards in gaming by making the system lucrative, transparent and auditable at the same time.

Not only this, the platform is leaving no stone unturned to bring more individuals to the gaming market that was going into oblivion due to lack of innovation.

OpenDeFi and DeFi11 are proud to announce this long-term partnership, where the two will be working together to offer value to users.

Click here to read more about this partnership.

Partnership with Blockpass

We are pleased to announce our next strategic alliance with Blockpass to help the platform be more compliant and user-friendly. This partnership will bring Blockpass’s KYC & AML screening SaaS and OpenDeFi’s real-world assets together to provide users with an ultimate level of security while enjoying the benefits of real-world assets.

Read more here.

Partnership with Uno Re

OpenDeFi’s growing stature is taking another big leap as it announces a strategic partnership with Uno Re, the world’s first risk trading reinsurance platform. 

Open DeFi is a community-driven DOA, bridging the gap between DeFi and traditional finance by adding real-world assets on blockchain and building financial services on top of it.

The two companies join hands for a stronger relationship.

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OroPocket is now on ClubHouse

OroPocket Clubhouse is now open for all Tech, Start-up, Crypto, DeFi and lot more interesting discussions.


The month of July proved to be productive. We are thankful for every bit of support from our community and are very excited for the month of August. Stay tuned!