After a successful month of May 2021, we are here to give you an update on the key achievements the OpenDeFi team has delivered in June 2021.

Let’s take a look at the major milestones and what our team had been doing the past 30 days.

First Ever Buyback & Lock Program for $ORO and $UFARM

Following our earlier announcement, we are pleased to inform that the Buyback of $ORO and $UFARM tokens has been completed successfully.

50% of UniFarm revenue from the first quarter of 2021 has been utilized to buyback $ORO and $UFARM tokens.

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OroPocket Launched Regional Community for India

In order to add more value to $ORO holders, we recently launched a Regional Community for India.

Our aim with launching this Indian community is to provide all our users with better quality of services while communicating in their own Indian language.

There are several advantages for you to join the community. Click here to explore.

XTZ-GOLD Listing on QuipuSwap


Now with XTZGold listing on a decentralized exchange, one can easily own and trade 99.99% 24K GOLD across the world in a completely decentralized manner.

Moreover, the low cost and on-chain governance on Tezos ecosystem, pave way for programmable assets for the developer community.

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XTZ-SILVER Listing on QuipuSwap

After the successful listing of XTZ-GOLD on QuipuSwap, we are proud to inform you that the listing of our XTZ-SILVER has also been completed successfully.

Now, with XTZ-SILVER being listed on a standalone decentralized exchange like QuipuSwap, you can easily buy, sell and trade XTZ-SILVER tokens in a decentralized way.

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OroPocket Meme Contest

Meme Competition

We recently announced the launch of the $ORO Indian Community, and all the affection we’ve received so far has been incredible. Thank you SO much!

OpenDeFi Ambassador Program

To take the OpenDeFi community to the next level, we re-opened the entries to our OpenDeFi Ambassador Program.

As part of this ambassador program, community members will need to complete simple tasks and get rewarded for being the part of the OpenDeFi community.

We received a lot of entries for our ambassador program, individuals are happily contributing by participating in our campaigns every week.

We’re Hiring

As we are growing at a rapid pace, we are also looking for the brilliant minds to join us on this journey.

We’re hiring for the specific profiles last month.

  • Jr. PHP Developer
  • Full-Stack Blockchain Developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Content Head
  • Graphics Designer
  • Research Associate + Business Development

Partnership with Unido

After announcing our first ever Buy Back for $ORO, we are proud to join forces with Unido EP to support capital deployment into tokenized real-world assets.

Unido is a secure, scalable and decentralized platform that acts as a bridge between the CeFi world and DeFi markets.

Read more about this partnership here.

Partnership with MetisDAO

While we were just one day ahead of the Buyback of $ORO & $UFARM tokens, OpenDeFi took one more step towards building the New Free Market.

We are pleased to have a partnership between with Metis for adding OpenDeFi real-world assets to their L2 dApp solution.

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Partnership with Hydro

After empowering dApp creation by partnering with Metis, OpenDeFi is glad to announce a new partnership with Project Hydro, a decentralized ecosystem that secures user accounts and transactions using state of the art cryptography.

OpenDeFi and Project Hydro are proud to announce this long-term strategic partnership to add an additional layer of security within the OroPocket ecosystem, as well as expand the reach and usage of our tokenised real world assets.

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Partnership with Berry

After announcing a long-term partnership with Project Hydro, OpenDeFi takes one more step towards ensuring that our assets meet the highest standards.

We are pleased to announce yet another partnership between OpenDeFi and Berry Data for utilizing their data oracles.

Read more about the partnership here.


The month of June proved to be productive. We are thankful for every bit of support from our community and are very excited for the month of July. Stay tuned!